If it seems that the work never ends

How to cope with the fact that we have to constantly stay on the job?You spend the whole day in the office until late at night, but do it all business fails.Do you feel that you live only to work - waking up in the morning rush to work to get back so late in the evening that he would not have strength for anything but sleep ... Sound familiar?How to get out of this vicious circle?Let's try to understand.

First of all, what do you think the work?

If you think you work only for what you pay the money, let's look at the statistics.Four out of five women do themselves all or nearly all the household chores.Even if both spouses in a family working full time, still in seventy percent of cases it is women who do all the housework.

You spent too much time working outside the home or to work at home?

possible that in most cases, you just do not notice what exactly do you do at home, so try to record it all.Within a week, write down what exactly did you do at home and how much time it took.At the end of the week, select a free moment, and together with her husband read out the diary.And to make it fun, do not cry, and do not swear.Perhaps the two of you will be surprised when the check how much time is spent on that.Try to work together to find ways to share some of the cases (and if the family has children, charging that some day they, too).If you can ease the burden of household chores, then you will have more strength to cope with the problem of too long working day.

How much time do you actually spend on the job for which you are paid?

Do not forget that the length of the working day is regulated by the Labour Code, and in accordance with this law, normal working hours can not exceed 40 hours per week.Work in excess of this limit is only possible by your own request, so you do not have to regularly stay after hours.

find out how you actually spend your working hours.

turned again to his diary and write down again within a week, as you spent every hour of their working time.This is a useful way to know how efficiently you use your working hours.You can find any patterns that had not noticed before, and it will help you better plan your schedule and use working time more efficiently.

Galina Pisarenko

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