Relationship zodiac sign.

combination of zodiac signs in relationships - a topic of interest for a long time people alive and constantly evolving.Perhaps, it is dedicated to the greatest number of outstanding research astrologers.

origins of astrology

It is known that the relationship zodiac sign studied during the time of Mesopotamia, at the dawn of human civilization.About This fact testifies cuneiform tablets found in the territory of the shores of the Tigris and Euphrates, between which was located one of the oldest countries.Despite the fact that already there is a clear interest in the influence of the zodiac sign of the personality, in a much more focused on astrology prediction of certain events, which, by the way, were wonderful to come true.Thus, the roots of modern astrology dates back to the second millennium BC.

than based on compatibility

Like any other theory, assuming the relationship of sign of the zodiac, must have some merit.In this case, astronomers based, firstly, on the individual response, the collected observations for many centuries, and, secondly, the so-called spontaneous compatibility - a system similar to the zodiac.If the first parameter all clear enough, the second case requires some explanation.

According to astrologers, people obey the four elements: fire, water, air and earth.On the basis of this submission is formed and the theory of compatibility.So, people Water will never find a common language with the people of the Fire, and the relationship between the air and the earth will generate nothing but dust.

Loves - does not love

course, compatibility of zodiac signs in a relationship - is not the only factor that plays a role in the formation of new cells of society.As a basic principle, of course, should provide compatibility of psychological, ideological, physiological, in the end.Nevertheless, the astrological aspect is undoubtedly the place to be.

many years and even decades, this field of knowledge, researchers have worked to determine the combination of zodiac signs in a relationship.Long-term observations have eventually conclude that the representatives of some characters simply can not coexist under one roof, while others find a common language in a matter of seconds.

promising alliances

As mentioned earlier, there are the so-called perfect combination, in which people of various zodiac signs are a common language quickly and easily.Capricorn, for example, would be most comfortable with Taurus and Virgins.Not bad fold their relationship zodiac sign, and with passionate Scorpio.

for Aquarius are the best parties Scorpions Crayfish and Libra.Also promising can be called an alliance with the Twins.

Pisces often find themselves in the company of characters strong and temperamental.Maximum productivity add up their fate with the Scorpions, hot-tempered and stubborn rams Libra.The alliance with Capricorn, in this case, too, is very appropriate.

relationship between the zodiac signs Aries and Pisces can be called almost perfect, because it is in this combination there is a special harmony, relatedness.

Like a storm Taurus will be most comfortable in a pair with calm Virgins.The relationship, in which the second partner would be Aries or Taurus another may differ special sensuality and passion.

ambiguous, changeable and prone to experiment Twins make a great pair of lions, Aries, Aquarius and Sagittarius, even with due attention to the interests of another.

best partner for Rakov is Leo, Aquarius, and, oddly enough, Scorpio, in which he finds traits lacking in their own.

as one of the most exciting, the most mysterious combinations can be called a relationship of Leo and Aries, where love is usually given without reserve.

For attentive to detail Dev best partners are the people of the same sign or a supple, gentle and caring Cancers.In such a combination did not find the all-consuming passion, but it is calm there, withstanding decades tender love.One of the best partners for the Virgin can be balance.

for Scorpio ideal relationship will be with cancers, Libra and Capricorn.Such associations are mostly long and fruitful.Relationship same with like simply delicious in terms of feelings, but tiring at the level of everyday life - prevents excessive similarity and similar charges are known to repel.

That likely will not like

If there is a pair, if made for each other, it is quite obvious that there are quite the opposite phenomenon.Archers, for example, almost never find a common language with the Scorpions and too sensitive for them to Pisces.Taurus is almost impossible to imagine a near Gemini and Virgo will have to literally overstep themselves for the sake of relations with the Kingdom of Leon.As for the king of the beasts, it is practically incompatible with Capricorn - these relationships can break for one night and almost immediately extinguished, barely begun.Gemini Capricorn is almost never not interested, so that this kind of relationship does or does not begin or end pretty quickly.

Something about vectors

Vector relations in the zodiac signs are based on the principle of subordination.One partner is always the dominant, the other - is suppressed.The chain begins with the calculation of the Twins, followed by Scorpio, passes the baton to the Virgin.The full chain, if desired, can be found in any astrological manual, however, depending on the author's point of view, they may vary.Principle is that the sign on the left is dominant.Rules also have to obey.Vector ratio of zodiac signs are quite often fatal.Of course, you can not blindly believe it, but beware costs.

relationship zodiac sign - is not the only option, but very significant, and it is better not to lose sight of.Of course, astrological incompatibility - not a reason to neglect a partner, to go deep underground and burn bridges.On the contrary, it is a visual aid to the topic of how to avoid mistakes.