What indicates arboreal squirrels?

Squirrel ordinary lives in forests and parks, which are dominated by coniferous and deciduous trees.This is due to diet proteins.It feeds on seeds of plants of tree species.

General characteristics

Check that indicates arboreal squirrel, you can examine its way of life.This is a very active and agile animal.It can cover a distance of up to four meters in a straight line, jumping from one tree to another.On the downward curve - up to fifteen meters.During mating season, when there is no snow, squirrel spends much time on the ground.Animal moves abruptly.In case of danger, it hides in the hollows of the trees either.Arboreal squirrel largely contributes to its survival.Almost all day proteins are searching for food.With the onset of cold weather all the proteins rarely leave the nest.Go just to eat.With the onset of frost hibernate.See accumulation of the protein only in city parks.There they gather in groups to obtain food from people.


protein arranges his house on a tree.This is one of the main answers to the question that indicates arboreal squirrels.On conifers proteins Gainy satisfied.It is a nest of dry twigs in the shape of a ball.Inside, it is lined with grass, moss, hair and dry leaves.In deciduous forests can see nests in hollow trees.There coached moss, lichen and wood to create a soft bedding.Females engaged in nest building.Males usually occupy empty nests females, crows, blackbirds and magpies.In the city you can see a squirrel living in the birdhouse.Each animal has about 15 nests.His refuge it changes every two to three days.Young female carries in his mouth.

More indicating arboreal squirrels?

That squirrel lives in a tree, says the structure of her body:

  1. Fluffy long tail length is more than half of her body.The tail acts as a rudder and a parachute.It is covered with long hair.During the jump squirrel tail fluffs.So it slows down the fall and extend the jump.
  2. On each side of the body from proteins have contour hair.They increase the bearing surface, which facilitates the control.
  3. hind legs of the animal is much longer than the front.Squirrel repelled them and makes a huge leap from one branch to another.
  4. tenacious sharp claws on long fingers help to quickly climb the tree.