Shower tray with his own hands: installation, installation, repair

In the modern interior bathroom every year more and more likely to use showers.This is due not only to their low cost and practicality, and convenience.

today can be purchased as whole sets of shower equipment, and each of its constituent part separately.In the latter case, you can save considerably, especially if you try to do shower tray with your hands.


shower trays Shower tray can be made from almost any material.It all depends on your preferences and resources.They differ not only in design, color scheme, but also practicality.Let's look at each separately before you make the shower pan with your own hands.

acrylic trays are durable, do not absorb dirt, do not change color over time.The only downside is the possibility of deformation.To avoid this acrylic tray must be installed either on a sturdy frame, which usually comes with it, or use the system supports.

tray made of imitation marble - the perfect solution for practical people.These products are strong, well-kept warm and do not rattle under running water.However, this shower tray with your hands can make not everyone.This requires special material and skills to work with him.

Steel and cast iron pans - vestiges of the past.They are heated for a long time, a very "noisy", but strong.It is for the first two reasons, today they are not in great demand.

pallet of tiles - one of the most common types.It is durable, easily washed and simple to install.

ready to buy or make a pallet on their own?

Very often during repairs bathroom in a given situation requires certain parameters of the shower tray.In order to find the one that is right for you, it will take a lot of effort and possibly more than one month.Therefore, if you have at least minimal experience in the repair, you may well be able to make a shower tray with your hands.

In this situation, you will not only do a shower right size and shape, but also greatly save.This is explained by the fact that the fabrication and installation of the shower tray with his own hands - the same thing.In addition, the material will cost you much cheaper than ready-made product.

What to Know Before the construction of the shower tray in the bathroom?

Typically, during construction or masonry tile floors in the bathroom filled with concrete.On this basis, we can conclude that the best material for the tray that you want to do yourself, is tiles.

modern choice of material is so great that you can easily pick out the one that is perfect for your interior in color, size and texture.Moreover, this tile is also used for walls in the shower.If you make the wall above the pallet, it can serve you even as a full bathroom.

wonderful opportunity to realize their ideas and desires into reality - creating shower trays with their own hands.Photo of some options you see in the article.It is worth noting that not every manufacturer can please you the right size, shape and configuration of the product.

Shower tray in wooden bath

If you want to make shower tray in the Russian bath, then it is done on the same principle as in the bathroom.The only thing you need to know - the walls are separated from the concrete screed roofing material and plastic film.

general, the shower tray is a concrete floor, topped with tiles, which is laid on the perimeter wall of the desired height.The drain hole is usually done in one of the corners of the tray, and under it already runs the drain pipe.It should be noted that towards the drain hole is a slight incline.

Instead, some tiles laid sleek decorative stone on the walls and the base of the shower tray.But many believe it is impractical because not enough smooth surface quickly clogged with dirt and it is very difficult to flush out.

system draining

We decided to make installation of the shower tray with your hands?The system of water drainage - is the first thing you need to start.If you have tiled floors, the coating must be removed.

Before you plan the location of the drain hole, you need to take into account the fact that the sewage drain pipe should be laid at an angle, so that water is drained by gravity.Otherwise, it will not go away.

As a rule, the installation of the shower tray should be done with his own hands on the hill.It may be necessary to raise a little structure.As a result, the tray will be a little similar to the pedestal.

Construction pan

during installation of the shower, and ladder of the branch pipe is advisable to use wooden supports varying heights.They will provide the necessary bias to drain.In place of the iron pipes came plastic.This should not be neglected at the time of how you will make the shower tray with your hands.They are easily attached to a plastic ladder, in addition, they will serve you for a long time.

Once you seal it with everything you need to drain, do screed.You can pour the concrete or the entire bathroom, or just part of it, a place in the future shower.

walls around the perimeter of the pallet

partition wall being kicked out immediately after drying screed.This can be done using either the formwork bricks.The first option is that of flat board or special boards are made two parallel vertical walls, and between them is filled with the solution.In the second case enclosing wall of bricks are laid, which is then plastered.It should be noted that the wall made by means of the formwork, do not need additional plaster for laying tiles on it.So here you will save not only time but also efforts.But everyone does as he sees fit.

After the wall around the perimeter of the pallet ready, necessarily must make an additional tie with a focus on the bottom drain.A few hours later, when the concrete dries, prime with and treat its waterproofing composition.

Facing tile shower tray

Fully install shower tray with his own hands will be executed only after facing it with ceramic tiles.It is worth considering that this material should be laid solely to the special waterproof glue.Otherwise, the tiles will not stay long.

So, buying a glue mixture, consult the retailer.He will recommend a manufacturer.In addition, make sure to check for any specific goals you need glue.

information on how to prepare the solution, you will find it on the packaging.Be sure to stick to exactly all proportions.Thoroughly mix the adhesive mixture with water by means of the construction of the mixer.

Begin laying the tiles from the corner.The only way you will be able to correct all the irregularities and errors.The solution is applied with a special toothed trowel directly on the tile that is placed in the filler and a little pressed down.

In order to obtain flat seams, in masonry joints between tiles insert special crosses.Once the glue is dry, remove the crosses, and put a special water-repellent seams mixture.

In the end, wipe the tiles with a damp cloth, then - dry.

General recommendations

As you can see, the shower tray to make your own hands is not so difficult.Still, in this case it is necessary to adhere to the sequence of work, and to take into account some of the nuances.

Experts advise not to carry out the installation of a massive tray, as it will be very heavy slab.If in doubt about your calculations better to consult a professional of the case.

If you want to perform installation or shower tray make repairs with their own hands in an apartment on the ground floor of a country house or, in this case it is better to warm and the floor, and part of it under the pallet.To do this, use modern quality materials.This can be as mineral wool and foam glass.Electric floor under the shower tray is not recommended to arrange.

only one pallet, which was constructed according to the rules and quality materials, will serve you long and will bring fun while using it.In addition, you will surely be proud of what made it their own.