2000: The year of the animal on the eastern calendar

Ancient Chinese zodiac signs are the basic elements of a cyclic calendar.Contained therein hieroglyphical twelve symbols, each of which "directs" any animal.So, for example, it is easy to calculate the 2000 year of the animal on the Chinese calendar.It corresponds to the fifth in the series - the year of the Dragon.

Legend of the signs of the zodiac

Legend tells of the origin of the Chinese horoscope on the next.When you create a calendar appointment Buddha invited animals could reach all those who wish.At that time it was very cold, in addition, to get to the Buddha in the palace, it was necessary to overcome the wide river.Everyone who came to the reception, the Buddha gave one year to control.First to the Buddha came the Rat, then Buffalo, after - Tiger.Over the fog could not see, who is the fourth - hare, rabbit or cat.Many years have passed, the truth in this matter has not been established.In the Eastern peoples are still the fourth year is read differently (Rabbit, Hare or Cat).Fifth Dragon arrived, here is the answer to the question: "2000: Year of the animal on the eastern calendar?".This year, the fifth in a series, is the year of the Dragon.The sixth was a snake.The horse got seventh.After that, the river was delayed by fog, and again it was not clear who was the eighth - Sheep, sheep or goat.Monkey was a number nine, Rooster (maybe chicken) - under the tenth.Eleventh Dog came, well, the last, twelfth, got Boar (maybe Pig).

2000: The year of the animal?What Colour?

Dragon is the only symbol in the horoscope, which is a mythical creature, not a real animal.On the eastern calendar year there is a special, which happens once every sixty years - the year of the White (metallic) Dragon, it accounts for 1940, 2000, 2060, depending on the prevalence of the element can be a water dragon, fire, wood, ground, metal.For residents of East Dragon is the keeper of the knowledge of antiquity, symbolizes good fortune and joy, a source of wisdom, life growth.

Feature Metal Dragon

We have already sorted out, 2000 of the animal was now consider the characteristics inherent to the Metal Dragon.This sign is very harsh in the momentary gust can express everything at once, what he thinks.Often he does not respond to dissenting views with him, the rejection of joint activities and are happy to continue to act alone.Metal Dragon must learn to objectively assess the situation and restrain his temper.

Born in the Year of the Dragon

Those interested in 2000 (which animal he represented), show curiosity and character traits that mark.It is worth noting that the Dragons are able to express themselves in the most difficult situations, to make capital in any business where other signs it may seem impossible.There is in their nature something that gives you the opportunity to win respect in the team, be a leader, to take power.Dragon can not live without complicated situations when it is necessary to challenge fate.If he falls into the trap and follow the path of those who make decisions, it is still looking for a way out and get out of the problems in a timely manner.

Most often Dragons are highly qualified professionals with outstanding abilities in the planning and implementation of any challenges.Congenital competitiveness and allow aggression to hold fast to your business even on large, serious companies.Dragon is the best choice for professionals - a producer, director, soldier, actor, architect, lawyer, artist, and even, perhaps, the president.

Positive features of the mark: The dragon itself is generous, independent, bright, noble, sentimental person.Adheres to solid principles, in critical situations, unusually perceptive.

negative features of the mark: The dragon is often ruthless, self-confident, very demanding, reckless, conceited man.He is self-centered, obsessed by lust for power.


mentally back in 2000, we are reminded of the animal?Of course, the mythical dragon.People born under this sign, in particular relate to love.Fall in love, they become quite rampant, by any means wish to acquire the object of his desires.Dragons in love completely blind, forgive their partners any errors, enclose the love from all sorts of threats.

Dragon with his lust for power inherent likes to be surrounded by several fans.His ego needs constant admiration of the opposite sex.If Dragon feels the lack of attention, he begins to claim it.Dragon easily make new novels.On the romantic heights already made it difficult to hold, however, this is going on at the same time that he gets some love affairs.For the people of this sign is unusual long time to grieve, they will quickly find another love.

2000: The year of the animal?Horoscope of compatibility with other signs

As mentioned above, the Metal Dragon dominates every sixty years.Hard, power-hungry, he carefully suited to the choice of a partner in the business, so in love.The strength of the metallic dragons affected the rest of signs all of 2000.What animal can be recommended as a pair for the Dragon?What do the stars say?

Dragon Bull

futility Union!Both partners are too stubborn, do not yield to each other, there is a constant struggle for power.In friendship Bull often admire the charm of the Dragon, and he, in turn, the practicality of the Ox, but this is not enough for marriage.The business relationship may prevail only Dragon, the Bull - only pull a plow.

Dragon Tiger

Problematic Union, the reason - the eternal confrontation between characters.Friendship is possible if each of the signs will not claim to be a leader.In dealings success is assured if the dragon will bring forth ideas, and Tiger - to implement them in life.

Dragon Dragon

real firework of feelings, thoughts, emotions.The eternal rivalry between the two egoists, a constant struggle for power, prestige.None of them will not yield to the other in any matters.It should be noted in 2000, some of the animal he represented, we have already mentioned.Two metal Dragon may simply incinerate each other down.

Dragon Horse

No, no.Two egoist not get along under one roof.If Dragon is able to give at least occasionally, a horse that will not wait ever.

Dragon Goat

not very reliable alliance.Goat can be happy here, but not the Dragon.In many cases only prevents Goat.In business dealings are possible, unless the Cosa is a director, manager.

Dragon Dog

unpromising alliance.Realistic dog sees only the negative side of the Dragon.The eternal bickering between them will lead to the total collapse of relations.

most suitable for the Dragon signs

Dragon Boar

Calm strong alliance.The Power of the Dragon draws Cabana, who, in turn, fascinated by his mental faculties.In dealings guaranteed to succeed, provided that boar will remain in the shade.

Dragon Rooster

possible.This alliance is no boredom and indifference.Rooster, using the successes of the Dragon soars high and itself.Dragon of the proposed activity ideas and carries them Rooster.

Dragon Monkey

Two of these signs just made for each other.In any relationship, they complement each other.They are two halves.Cunning, clever Monkey their advice reinforces the power of the Dragon, and he, in turn, always protect her.Business relationships can flourish forever and bring high returns.


perfect union!Dragon can admire the beauty of all life, charm, charm snakes.The longevity and happiness of marriage depend entirely on the Wisdom of the Serpent.Two of these signs are well aware of each other, complement everything.

Dragon Rabbit

not bad option.Rabbit of its diplomacy often brings Dragon favor, tranquility and peace in the family.Business relationships in such a union can be called perfect.Clever Rabbit well versed in financial transactions, commercial transactions, and the power-hungry Dragon promotes their business and entrepreneurial activity.

Dragon Rat

perfect union!Signs of these fully understand each other.Rat always brings Dragon favor, and he always expresses her gratitude.Confrontation and controversy in this union are excluded.For one thing ... in a business relationship is always in the Union should lead the Dragon.