Dummy: The choice is yours!

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have Dummy has its advocates and opponents, but many kids can not do without it.So give it to a child or not to give?

established that the sucking reflex appears in person before birth.Using ultrasound studies it can be seen as the fruit of sucking his thumb.This unconditioned reflex and helps it satisfy the dummy.And although many doctors believe that the child can do without it, if the choice is between whether to suck a pacifier or a finger is certainly preferable to the former.In addition, the quality of the material used to make the nipples, is improving every day, and their shape is becoming easier and more convenient.

Dummy can be dangerous

Any object that simulates the mother's nipple can have on a child only a negative impact, especially during breastfeeding.Therefore, doctors recommend up to six months is not to teach the baby to empty.The child becomes accustomed to the pacifier and suck properly unlearn that requires him to greater effort.As a result, the baby may even stop to take the breast.(Fortunately, such problems do not occur in children who are bottle-fed).

Also, experts advise to wean the baby from the nipple to a year.The fact that the pressure, which has dummy teeth and sky can cause their deformation.Even worse the consequences could be if the baby pacifiers instead of sucking her finger.

Doctors also warn parents of the seductive idea to moisten the pacifier in anything sweet (juice, honey, jam), the baby will calm down or fall asleep.Thus, the crumbs may occur depending on the particular flavor that not only prevents wean him from the pacifier, but also contributes to the development of caries.

All baby decides

Dummy should not be the usual means to calm the child.Much more important is to find out the causes of the disorder the baby and seek a solution.

Thus, parents should always remember that there is a dummy for the needs of the crumbs, not to solve the problems of the parents themselves, so the baby should he decide when he needs a nipple.Do not abuse the pacifier and give it to your child when he is calm and can do without it.

When buying pacifiers parents have a good idea of ​​what they are to buy something that is necessary for your child.It is necessary to consider not only the shape of the nipples and the material from which it is made, but also by its size (there are different sizes pacifiers for children up to six months, and after six months) and the degree of reliability.

Folding or collapsible pacifiers

desirable that pacifier was made of a single piece of rubber or silicone, or at least that it was hard to make out because the baby can swallow part of the nipples.It is also necessary that the plate at the bottom of the holes were that the child was easy to breathe.In addition, the pacifier should not be very hard, because the baby can drop it to bed and sleep on it.

Dummy requires some care: one can not long keep it in the sun or near other heat source;pacifier should be inspected regularly and find damage, immediately throw away;you need to have multiple nipple, to avoid the tragedy, if lost, and the only favorite.

Rubber or silicone?

Silicone is easy to disinfect, so pacifier silicone safer.In addition, it is also a very durable material, so this dummy will serve longer.Rubber can also cause a child diathesis on the cheeks and lips, and it is better to stick the dirt.However, when the baby teeth begin to appear, the hard silicone may contribute to their deformation.

Clean - the guarantee of health

Dirty pacifier poses a risk to a child's health.A dirty pacifier quickly: she was lying on the couch, which is full of dust, and drops on a dirty floor.Therefore, in the first months of life a baby pacifier must-sterilized, while pediatricians are advised not to abuse chemical cleaning methods (with chlorine).

important whether a form of pacifiers?

theory, there are special pacifiers a form that does not deform the teeth and palate baby.However, it is certainly not proven whether they are better than traditional round nipple.But this is more convenient to keep a pacifier in his mouth, so they fall on the lower floor.

«Suspended» Dummy

To permanently dummy does not fall, it can be hung on a special string or ribbon.At the same time they do not have much pull the baby's neck, so he suffocated.In order not to lose a pacifier, it can be stored in a convenient box.

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