Hibernate and Sleep

Instead turn off the computer, you can transfer it to sleep and hibernation mode.This allows you to reduce the time required to turn that every day spent on loading the operating system.However, over time, it is often possible to save money and nerves, which are spent in the waiting download.I'll tell you in detail about each mode.

begin with sleep.When used, the system keeps in memory all running processes, and programs, and goes into power saving mode.

Next - hibernation.When activated, it is absolutely all the information that is stored in the memory is written to the hard drive and the computer is switched off completely.When you turn it on in the memory are written all the data saved to disk before shutting down.Loading system will be much faster than after standard completion.The analogue hibernation Vindovs 7 - hibernate Windows XP.

Now look at ways to activate.For notebooks, the best solution would be closing the lid with a subsequent transition to sleep.Power consumption in this case is not significant.After opening the lid will happen instant recovery of the operating system, then you can immediately continue working with the device.And if the laptop is not used for a long time, you should enable hibernation.In this case, the power consumption is zero.

When the battery of a portable device, which will remain in sleep mode, fully consumed, the system automatically goes into hibernation mode.

Activate sleep during the closing lid is defined by a setting.In Control Panel, you need to log into the "Power" and specify the actions to be performed after closing the front of the device.

As for the desktop, the main requirement - that there is a permanent connection to an electrical outlet.This requires both hibernation and hybrid.

computer can recover quickly in the hybrid mode.You can start working immediately after pressing the power button.By the way, turn on the PC after the sleep mode can be any key on the keyboard or mouse.It is set in the settings.If the power fails the device, which will be located in hybrid mode, the next time you turn on the system will automatically return to its previous state, because the disk will remain all the necessary data.

In the settings, you can install the desktop transition into sleep mode by pressing the power button, which is on sistemnike.Hibernate can be activated in the same manner.

In order to use hybrid sleep, you need to change the power plan settings options.To do this, the pop-up window, select "Sleep" and then put a check next to the line "Allow hybrid mode."Now with sleep mode will start and this one.