Year of the Goat: characteristic.

Goat - eighth element cycle of twelve animals in the eastern zodiac characterized as the beginning of the Yin.Its basic elements - fire.The main positive character qualities - sincerity, generosity, peace, humility;negative - indecision, lack of firmness and susceptibility to whims.

Goat (Sheep) - a sign of duality, and this most clearly illustrated by the most famous and talented people born in the Year of the Goat.Characteristics of creativity and attitude of two writers Jaroslav Hasek and Franz Kafka differs radically: first prose filled with grace, ease, a lot of humor in it, while the second style of writing - a dark, mystical and a little depressing.All this because the Goat is one of three dramatic characters (snake, rat, goat).Goats have a dramatic perception of the world can be taken to the extreme - if you have fun, then let it be a rainbow and a bright sun, if grieve, then let the whole world burst into tears.

Interesting facts

• Time of day, in a sign that the most strong - from one to three days.

• sign most appropriate Kose - Scorpio.

• In total there are 5 types of goats by the elements: fire, an earth, metal, water, wood.

Metal Goat - 1931 1991

Metal Goat often looks indomitable and resolute, but under the bravado hides uyazvlёnnoe sensitivity and self-esteem.Metal reinforces artistic abilities, so people born under this sign can be called perpetual seeker of beauty in all its manifestations.Most of these people care about harmony in everyday life, barely parted so, to what used to.Change - a heavy burden for those born in the Year of the Goat.Characteristics of metal Goats again twofold.Outwardly, it looks calmly and firmly, but inside hides a storm of emotions - often these people love power, they tend to excessively jealous and take care of loved ones.Kose is loosen the leash, otherwise people will reject excessive concern because of its uselessness.

Water Goat - 1943 2003

This type of goats has a special appeal - it is never lacking in the environment.If necessary, it can come to the aid of a whole army.

Goat Water element in different timidity, but at the same time the ability to perfectly adapt to any circumstances.She likes to stay close to those on whom you can rely.

Element Water exerts its influence on the goat - it lies in the fact that it often floats down the river, wanting to follow the majority.Choosing friends, she prefers those who have a strong influence.Other people's ideas may be more important for her and her interesting, but if there is a problem of choice, it will choose something that was used.Therefore, lifestyle Goats often does not change over the years, she's afraid to explore the unknown.

Wooden goat - 1955, 2015

Eastern animals under this element is particularly interesting, because coming in 2015.Goats born in 1955 and 2015 m, in general, positive, the child will be different excellent sense of humor, attentive to the wishes of others, high moral principles, and thoughtfulness.Unlike the rest of Koz, the harder and more generous.

More characteristic of those born in the Year of the Goat: kindness, trusting, caring, desire to help people, the ability to evaluate their talents appreciated.However, a wooden goat, as well as all other types of goats, characterized by stubbornness, laziness, lightheadedness.It easily gives up under pressure from the people.At the critical moment, she can smile a great success - inheritance and help from unexpected sources.

Fire Goat - 1967, 2027

firmly on its feet, endowed with artistic abilities, but its nature is rather humorous character - it is well to imitate others, she plays the role of others, not their own.The advantages include the ability to submit Goats itself.It perfectly conceals weak character traits and is what sets strong.

Fire Goat wants to live separately from their parents and can not indulge in regard to personal comfort.Most likely, she will live luxuriously, not constraining yourself in spending that could hurt business.

element of fire puts a special stamp on the character.People born in the year of the Goat fiery, energetic and assertive, they do not hide what they think.Emotions govern them.

Fire Goat elegant and seductive.They can bump into fantasy and live in a fantasy world, wishful thinking.The main purpose - to catch a pie in the sky, and if that fails, the Goat greatly angry.

Ground Goat - 1979, 2039

Sheep earth element is more optimistic and self-sufficient, unlike other goats.She also loves his family and is tied to the house, but unlike the others, she manages to retain a fraction of independence.

sheep under the influence of the elements, different care and loves to talk.It will not be spending money right and left, but will not save.Deny yourself of anything it is difficult, and if the others something of luxury, this is not true for those born in the Year of the Goat.Characteristics of people is ambiguous because, despite the outward levity, they are serious about responsibilities and make every effort to help people.If someone is in trouble, the Goat will be the first to come to the rescue.

This type of Sheep calmer, she has the strength to hide emotions, but if it is critical, then the defense will be followed at the same time.Attackers will only be protected by fiercely attacking sheep.

Year of the Goat: male characteristics

This man peculiar complaisance, artistry and good nature, so the woman will be comfortable with it.The man, born in the Year of the Goat, can turn drab into a real celebration.

But be careful, because at any moment can Goat buck and begin to show aggression.These men are fickle - they can several times a day to change the mood, so to predict what will happen in the next moment, almost impossible.It can be very superficial to treat life when it is not enough to really care about the problem, he was accustomed to walk gracefully, leaving the "outside" of care.

This is a good choice for those women who prefer to manage the stronger sex, because men born in that year are usually weak character, he is not opposed to anyone they ran.

When a man leaves his parents' home, then he was immediately met with difficulty - in fact for independent decisions, he usually is not ready.At this point, he begins to seek allies and partners that it is easy to manage, because the male goat has the ability to find common language with people.This quality helps him in achieving social and material well-being.These men are easily addicted, they are usually unstable in the relationship.

Year of the Goat: characteristics of women

of the feminine in the sign of the Goat longer, so the "ladies" implementation is more successful.Female Goat has a well developed intuition, moreover it is developed so that almost every second representative of the sign would be a psychic.But you need to be able to distinguish the true promises of consciousness from his rich imagination.If intuition is developed in the "five plus", then logical thought is virtually nonexistent.She-Goat is not always possible to build logical chains of events and circumstances.

nature of woman, born in the Year of the Goat

loving woman of this sign: intrigue, flirtation, seduction, seduction - in this Kose has no equal.Often, women are not only a good lover, and life partner and even a patron who will cater to the whims of the ladies, born in the Year of the Goat.Characteristics of these people regarding the ability to equip privacy is very positive.Surrounding remains only envy skilful Kose, who was married to a powerful man and succeeded in his career, without making a seemingly effortlessly.Girl Goat seeks to settle with maximum safety, it gives her material well-being in the future.

Children born in the Year of the Goat

child who will be born in the coming year (2015 - the year of the Goat), will be different with kindness and friendliness.Life for him is always in first place, and everything else - is secondary.If the baby is growing in the single-parent family, then he will feel uncomfortable, since the goat necessary attention of both parents.

affectionate, open, good-natured - that can be described as the children born in this year.They are very insecure and sensitive to everything that happens in the family, so parents need to think several times before venturing passionate quarrel in front of the kid.In some cases, this could mean the collapse of the children's world, which in the future may "haunt" scandalous behavior.

How to educate?

Through innate friendliness, goats are always surrounded by a lot of friends, people are drawn to them, and this applies to a later age.From early childhood, the baby will bring a lot of joy minutes mom and dad.Thus, in education and in life will play a special role that a boy or girl born in the Year of the Goat.Characteristics of these children also has negative connotations.

main disadvantage of small goats considered excessive touchiness that most of all it will be manifested at an early age.Therefore, it is desirable that the parents are not too critical of them, creating an atmosphere of safety.Since the goat - and even a symbol of stubbornness, the offended, she starts butt.So baby, feeling hurt, can begin to attack others, arranging scandals.To prevent this behavior, it is necessary at the first sign of his smooth awkward moment with kind words and exhortations.Otherwise, the Goat will scandalous behavior as the norm.

Talents child born in the Year of the Goat

A child born in the Year of the Goat, and may differ remarkable talents.Artistry, an excellent memory and intelligence - that will help these children in their studies and future work.Perhaps the only negative - it's a tendency to fantasize.In some circumstances, the desire to escape into a world of dreams can win over the sober assessment of reality and daily activities.

Surround goat love and affection, avoid shouting and did not show any signs of tyranny, then the baby will grow kind and smart, and will independently achieve good results.In general, with proper education, children, goats characterized by flexible, humble disposition, and even wisdom.

Year of the Goat in the different signs of the zodiac

Aries born in the Year of the Goat - two in one.It is no secret that this the sign of the zodiac, and so very stubborn.Therefore Aries year Goat - a stubbornness in the square.

Taurus Year of the Goat - The Goat, endowed with charm, characterized by a light attitude to life.Her idleness can go to extremes, it is important to close a little monitors the state of its financial affairs.

Twins - goat, which tricks can be a great surprise even for those who have long been aware of its "up and down".Keep an eye on the mood of Sheep and learn to see ulterior motives in simple things - it helps to avoid major trouble.

cancer - the most innocuous goat: it is a very nice, honest and friendly.Good health and long life to her!

Lion - a controversial and very proud goat, which suffers from itself.The internal confrontation gives her much trouble.

Virgin - a very neat and meticulous Goat, and quite constant and seeks perfection in everything.

Libra - very talented and artistic nature.Goat born in Libra is extremely mobile and can be manipulated by others.

Scorpio has a strong spirit and a lack of sentimentality - it's a cool-headed goat.

Sagittarius is characterized by determination and a strong will.It aims to be useful to themselves and to others.

Capricorn Goats born a year characterized by a tendency to think and richness of imagination.This person may be all and knows all.Capricorn in the Year of the Goat tends to make practical conclusions and to capitalize on them.

Aquarius - Goat very mystical.Um, it rushes from one whim to another.Be careful, do not know where it will lead!

Pisces born in the Year of the Goat - the identity of inspiration.She will be successful in the field of art.Peculiar mood swings, during which people are attacked in such melancholy - but not for long.