Pupils and students newly passed Battle for Moscow

Pupils and students have been re
battle for Moscow.

Exactly seventy years ago was the beginning of one of the decisive battles of the Great Patriotic War - the Battle of Moscow.Due to the success of Soviet troops the Germans lost the strategic initiative in the conduct of hostilities.The past decades have not dispelled the hearts of Muscovites proud of the events of the distant 1941 ...

Methodological Center "Education and Career", with the support of the Department of Family and Youth Policy of Moscow has developed and implemented the idea of ​​a non-trivial project.It is a military-patriotic game for young people - the reconstruction of the Battle of Moscow, which was held this month.A large-scale program called "The feat of Moscow" and attracted the participation of about six hundred young Muscovites.The main objectives of the project were the increase in young people's knowledge about the events of the Great Patriotic War and the increase of its patriotic consciousness.

After the presentation of activities within the project "The feat of Moscow" took a class on the history of the legendary battle.It is noteworthy that the information supplied to children not in the form of tedious lectures, and in the format of the game, reconstructing the battle with the help of toy soldiers.Classes are not without significant discussion: could there be a strategic placement of Soviet troops?What consequences could result in a change of strategy? Is it possible to have different options for the battle?Controversial issues about the war there still.

Especially for children - participants of the "Deed of Moscow" specialists have developed an illustrated manual "The Battle of Moscow.Strategy and tactics "- for a more thorough study of the events in 1941 and prepare for participation in the military-patriotic game.

Historical reenactment of the Battle of Moscow in the Moscow region Solnechnogorsk district
a logical ending of the project and took place in four phases for one hundred and twenty
direct participants.

modern Russian cinema is not amazing variety of films about the Great Patriotic War, fell role of the army in the patriotic education of youth.Modern young man more interesting to do parkour or get carried away by the extremely topical computer game, you open the book on military history.In this regard, the development of military-patriotic game "The feat of Moscow" is particularly important, becauseIt contains interactive technology to involve young people in the history of the fatherland.