How to make an aerodynamic body kit with their own hands?

to create downforce acting on the car, you should make kit.His hands, of course.In addition to a significant optimization of air flows, your car will acquire a unique exterior.And in some cases, external tuning cars changed beyond recognition.The relative cheapness and efficiency skirts makes them quite popular way of transforming shape of the car.

to increase downforce front of the car kit is the front bumper.Lateral turbulence, which are capable of overcoming the car off the road while driving should be eradicated by making false weight thresholds.Pretty dangerous air turbulence behind the car, because they can instantly lead to loss of control.Thus, the manufacture of the body kit without rear bumper difficult to do.Especially if you plan to travel on high (120 km / h and higher) speed.

Spoiler can be considered part of the body kit, and be designed to press the rear of the vehicle to the road surface.Sometimes skirts with their hands make for decoration duct performing the cooling function of certain parts of the car.For example, brakes, radiator, or the intake manifold.

before production should decide in what order to use kit.The hands can produce elements that will improve the aesthetic appearance of the car and change some of its technical qualities.However, the second option would be a major change of the body structure.

Suppose you decided to make a kit with their own hands in order to change the appearance of the car and giving it a more sporty and aggressive appearance.In this case, their own hands to make a kit can, without removing the factory bumpers and sills.This will provide the necessary design strength level.

If you lean to the second option, then you should be prepared for the eventual dismantling of some parts of the body, change its structure by cutting holes for the ducts and so on.To improve the performance of the car by using the kit, you can use the air flow for more efficient cooling of disc brakes.It is for the better impact on their work.

Before performing this operation, you will need to mark a place cut-outs, pre-attaching ducts future for them.You can use the ones that are used in construction.In addition, it is necessary to make a special notch in the bumper, which will contribute to better cooling radiator or air entering into the intake system.These openings are usually closed grid.She is attached to the bumper on the inside or just glued to it.

process of making a new form of body parts is performed using glass, plastic or thin metal sheets (preferably stainless steel).If you have a modest budget for the manufacture of the body kit, then you need to use a variety of epoxy resins.Slightly more expensive cost of plastic kit.The most expensive option - is a metal kit.But he will achieve the highest structural strength.