Reticulated pythons - the largest snake in the world

people trying to hurt his interlocutor, sometimes referred to as his reptile, viper, snake, cobra, referring to the presence of these reptiles deadly poison, aggressive behavior and irritability.These reptiles during the laying and protection of the nest can even throw on his own shadow - as is their inadequate behavior.

However, no one ever compares a person for offense, with a very formidable representatives of the suborder of snakes, like the python.Meanwhile, this predator is no less dangerous.Perhaps it is because even the largest snake - the reticulated python - very rarely attack humans.The size of a person does not allow him to swallow it.The victim is torn to pieces and chew food python can not.The teeth are used to hold the reptiles only victim.

feeds the biggest snake in adulthood birds, lizards, frogs, pigs, jackals, can hardly swallow deer, antelope, monkey, small crocodile.If the prey is too large, the python can burp her.Due to the fact that the biggest snake chooses his food, relying only on the size of a living being, a victim may be a child or a person of small stature.

Jaws python is extremely mobile, fall tends to stretch, allowing him to "stretch" to the murdered victim like a stocking on the leg.Once production is in it, the predator goes into a state of hibernation, he digests food and practically does not move at this time.If creeps lucky enough to eat wild boar and roe deer, "vacation" can last up to 40 days.

retics often kept in zoos, because everybody wants to see what it looks like the biggest snake in the world (photo shows the moment of rescuing one of the representatives of this kind of stuck in the fence of the zoo Phalaborwa).

Coloring snakes is very diverse, their spin can be covered in such a unique ornament, which could not help think: "Is not there with them rubbings figures for luxury carpets master carpet?"

Usually this subspecies of snake reaches a length from four to eight meters, but sometimes it can grow up to ten meters.For example, the largest snake in the world - the reticulated python - was caught in Indonesia.Her weight was 447 kg, and the length was equal to 14.85 m. Such a monster is not worth anything to swallow a cow or a human!One look is enough to cause any living creature panic.

reticulated python distribution area includes Africa (south of the Sahara Desert), South and Southeast Asia.These cold-blooded crawling prefer to settle in the savannas, tropical and subtropical forests near water bodies.After all, a large python snake loves to swim and be in the water a long time.Can they crawl great trees.

Pythons different from their close relatives - boas - that are egglayers reptiles.Females reticulated python may be postponed for a time more than a hundred eggs.His female python clutch guard, curling around the egg ring.If necessary, the mother can even reducing the muscles of the body, to increase its temperature to warm the future offspring.So cold-blooded nature of the female python is difficult to blame the cold-blooded attitude towards their children.