How to choose and how to brew pu-erh tablets

In our country, tea has long been a popular drink.I admire the Russians and exotic tea Puer.Reviews you can hear it very different: some just enjoy the unusual taste, someone takes it as a cure for many diseases, and someone using it, even trying to get rid of excess weight.In any case, Puer an active part of our lives.The purpose of this article - talk about its features, how to select the right tea is brewed Puer tablets, as well as the nuances of cooking sheet and pressed tea.

How to choose Puer

  1. If you do not have extensive experience in the selection of tea, it is best to turn to the expert who is well versed in this matter.But when this is not possible, it is necessary to draw attention to the year of issue and the name of the plant, which manufactured the product.Today especially popular teas produced in China in the 80s of the 20th century.Factory "Syanguan-Chaguan", "Kunming-Chaguan", "Menghai-Chaguan", "Lincang-Chaguan" known for their responsible attitude to the production process and attention to the tea extract.
  2. Look at the look of pressed tea.Puer long-term exposure should have a reddish-brown color, but sometimes there are light brown shades.The dark brown color of tea can testify as long aged product.
  3. to the form of Puer and special requirements.Before purchasing, make sure a compact - the leaves should be tightly closed, and any foreign substances should not be.
  4. Tea, which is stored for more than ten years, has less weight and becomes brittle.If the edges of Puer dense and difficult to break off, it is not too much exposure.
  5. Qualitatively skirmishing all the tea leaves must be soft and about the same size.The presence of solid renal indicates good quality Puer and dull color and the presence of foreign debris - about the poor.
  6. aroma of this tea should not include impurities and flavorings.

Brewing Puer tablets

usually pressed Puer sold in tiles of different sizes and weights.At home, easy to use in small pills, since each of them represents one portion.

Before brewing Puer tablets, it is important to prepare the water.In order not to spoil the taste of raw Puer, do not fill it with boiling water.The water should be about 90 degrees.Do not forget to pre-steam teapot pouring hot water into it for a few minutes.

So mash pill knife and pour the mixture into the teapot.Traditionally, the use of ceramic, clay or glass Tea kettles.First time Puer pour water for a few seconds and then it poured.This is in order to clear the old tea from dust and dirt.Each subsequent welding lasts longer than a few minutes, all of them can be ten.However, we must remember that the longer the tea is brewed, the more bitter it is.

Brewing pressed Puer

If you came to taste traditional Puer, you can stock up on them for the future, acquiring large extruded plate.Before brewing Puer compressed tea should be divided with a special knife.The main thing you need to know - you can not cut tile tea.The knife is used for chipping layers two to three square centimeters, and the need to begin the process of separation from the edge of the plate.Number of brewing will have to determine experimentally, until you reach the best option.Next Puer brewed by the method described above under "Brewing Puer tablets."As you can see, nothing complicated.

Brewing sheet Puer

lovers and professionals appreciate the leaf Chinese tea Puer.How to brew this kind of tea to fully reveal its taste?First of all, you need to calculate the amount.For one person, only one heaped teaspoon per 500 ml of water.Then put in a steaming tea kettle and allow to infuse.In this case, the first welding is not necessary to pour out, and a few minutes later you can enjoy the taste of this fine drink.We know that this tea can be brewed for six or seven times, but do not leave it for long.An hour later, it will taste tart and bitter.The Chinese believe this tea is harmful and do not recommend drinking it.

few tips

  1. for Puer is better to buy a separate teapot as special flavor soaks in a bowl and subsequently admixed to the taste of other varieties.
  2. Do not spoil the taste of the drink with sugar.
  3. Do not drink Puer bedtime because of the strong tonic effect.
  4. Drinking tea can only be fresh, since it will eventually benefit disappears.
  5. Store Puer should be in a dark place at room temperature.Different varieties should be kept separate from each other.
  6. not forget that tea perfectly absorbs odors, and then get rid of them is impossible.Therefore Puer must lie away from the spices, flavors and coffee.