Icon of the Mother of God of Mercy: Provenance

In the vastness of the former Soviet Union became widely known icon of the Mother of God of Mercy.It can be found in the churches in Lithuania, Russia, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine.And the face of this worship as Catholics, and representatives of the Orthodox faith.

Icon of Our Lady of Mercy: historical information

has long been added to the face of the miraculous.It is believed that if the long and faithfully pray to the Mother of God, you can get rid of many problems and prevent trouble in the family.The first mention of the appearance of the face are dated 1431 year.According to legend, the icon of "Our Lady of Mercy" is named after the place of its creation.Historians say that on April 27 at the main gates (called "Dawn"), leading to the city of Vilna, from nowhere came face who subsequently displayed on the canvases of painters.The uniqueness of the image of Our Lady of the face is the absence in her arms a baby.Indeed, it is the only one of its kind icon, which is reflected Holy Mother without a child.There is another interpretation of the origin of the canvas.Some argue that it originated in ancient Greece, specifically for Algirdas after the adoption of the last of the Christian faith.

Icon of Our Lady of Mercy: a miraculous face

This is one of the richest and most vivid picture frames divine.The body is covered with Our Lady dress, embroidered with silver and gold thread.Figure floors hidden behind a heavy fabric soundly, you can see only the face and hands crossed in her lap.Mercy Icon of Our Lady symbolizes the purity and chastity, to be a woman for a lifetime.We can say that the web is an ideal of femininity.Some scholars suggest that the icon captures the moment of the meeting of the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary.Lack of appropriate character is due to the loss of the image over time.

Later painters began to depict a lady with a halo and a crown on his head - a crown worn Polish queen.Subsequently, there were the faces of the two crowns: the Queen of Heaven and Queen of Poland.

Icon of Our Lady of Mercy: Who helps?

Many women have repeatedly said that it was after a long and sincere prayers stopped near this face a lot of troubles and problems.If you remember the story, when the Virgin portrayed on the gates in order to protect themselves from the enemy, then we can conclude that indeed, the icon helps to protect the family home from the evil eyes of detractors.Prolonged contemplation allows her to find long-lost peace of mind, distracted from the problems plaguing emerging obstacles and allows to be alone with him.As a result of meditation solving urgent problems appear out of nowhere.It is enough to hang the icon near the entrance to the house or near the front door of the apartment, and the situation in the family will begin to change as if by magic.Henceforth guests with bad motives will not disrupt your harmony.