Dacha hothouse "two minds" is simple and quality.The design department of the company "Will" has developed a number of new models.Enhanced greenhouse combine all the best features of the world standards.Upgraded frame greenhouses was not available for film coating and polycarbonate.The thing is that other suburban greenhouses small area, wide swing doors and no windows.A greenhouse Cottage "Doom 2" compared to the rest, and are larger and more spacious, and have doors with windows.To all this, it was added a reinforced frame that can withstand even the most severe frosts.Specifications include maintaining high wind gusts up to 18 m., As well as up to 10 cm of snow, without additional backups means.In the opinion of gardeners harvest in these greenhouses is always pleasing to the eye size of the greenhouse: length - 4 - 14 m, width of about 3 m, height of 2 m. Inside a greenhouse equipped with a summer residence for three very strong stiffening struts.They are placed where are joined sheets of polycarbonate.This model greenhouses in great demand, given the snowy winters in recent years.Greenhouse "Outdoor 2DUM" - an excellent option for growing cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and eggplant.

The main advantages of the model

Dacha hothouse "2DUM" has a number of advantages over other models.

  • size greenhouses depends on the wishes of customers.With the help of extension inserts, you can change it.
  • frames are sold disassembled, allowing transport greenhouses using car.
  • Because greenhouse galvanized frame construction is protected against corrosion.
  • No additional hardware required for mounting frame.
  • To secure framework bury T-end, due to this you can do without foundations.
  • Greenhouse "Outdoor 2DUM" can be installed easily by yourself if there is little experience, as every detail she numbered.
  • Arc greenhouses have holes to automatically open the air vents.
  • Due to the distance of 50 cm between the arcs of the structure becomes stronger.If desired, you can purchase additional strengthening of the arc.

Greenhouse "Outdoor 2DUM" is not without flaws, but reviews of it say that the value for money in the current market, it has no equal.This greenhouse is one of the best options for growing various garden plants.

Options greenhouse "Outdoor 2DUM»

arch to frame type used galvanized profile, having a thickness of 0.8 mm.Covered with modern greenhouse polycarbonate, 4 mm thick.Cellular coating allows sunlight to dissipate so that all of the plants covered.Dacha hothouse "2DUM" is equipped with a proprietary sealant and detailed instructions for assembly.The difference from the polycarbonate membrane and the glass coating that there is a special insulating layer for maintaining the thermal radiation in the greenhouse.


This will require screws nuts.Polycarbonate is mounted only once, in the winter it is not removed.The assembly of the greenhouse "Outdoor 2DUM" can be done alone, but it is not very easy.If possible, it is recommended to use the services of collectors.To build a greenhouse alone will take two days.In some cases it is necessary to spend a week on the installation and, as manual contains a lot of professional concepts, to deal with a person who simply is not so simple.The main difficulties arise when installing windows.The most difficult stage of the work is their installation using a special gum.A packaged structure weighs 65 to 130 kg.The main volume occupied by sheets of polycarbonate (5 pcs.).The number of packages delivered - 5 pcs .:

  • Straight frame members with instruction.
  • profile with seal.
  • End fragments.
  • Arc.
  • Clamps and accessories for installation.

polycarbonate cut out for the air vents and doors.This additional service can be ordered for further convenience.Neutral kit includes mounting material, profile and sliced ​​polycarbonate cover the side walls and the roof.Installation should be carried out to the ends of the greenhouses, because they have stock.Then you need to cut off the excess with a knife.


for hothouse important issue is the lighting.Light and provide powerful heating lamps with reflectors.For the rapid growth of the plants need light waves, but not those that captures the human eye.A certain coverage is beneficial to the development of shoots and fruits of the eyeballs.If you equip the greenhouse with fluorescent lamps, which are screwed into the fixtures, then there will be observed quite comfortable conditions for all plants.You can also set the high pressure sodium lamps, which are photosynthetic radiation and have a special influence on the activity of plant growth.

Improving its own industrial model

Many gardeners believe that greenhouse Cottage "2DUM" can perfectly do without foundation.The accompanying manual contains information that is not necessary to its manufacture, as the framework must be kept directly with arcs.But experienced gardeners know that the soil gives the seasonally shrinkage, so the greenhouse should be more reliable basis.To this end, they undertake the following:

  • Before you dig into the ground end, at the bottom of the greenhouse applied bitumen solution or anti-corrosion paint.
  • frame mounted on made around the perimeter of the area.This avoids the expense of increasing the height of some trouble.

Greenhouse "Outdoor-arrow»

This greenhouse is the most adapted to the cold and harsh winters.The special design of the powerful metal galvanized profile, "Country Arrow" can withstand loads of up to 700 kg.Shaped form of the greenhouse makes the snow slide.The height of the frame under the polikabonat ideal for the cultivation of high culture, and the width allows you to equip two beds at once.

greenhouses do not require the formation of the foundation, as the consolidation of the soil is carried out by dropping the T-shaped frame endings.Assemble screws and nuts.