The exchange value and its essence

the production of goods in the transformation of their labor and materials.Therefore commodity - is the result of these actions, which can be exchanged for other products.It is not intended for their own consumption.Each item has a cost, which is divided into two categories: consumer and exchange.It depends on the nature of the goods and money.Let us consider in more detail what the exchange value.

product has properties that determine its value.It is designed to meet the needs of society, but not the one who produces it.It features that meet specific needs and are the components of value in use.

properties of the product can change to the new production requirements.But in order for these properties to have found marketable, you must make the goods the subject of labor.As a result, products designed to meet the needs of other people.Thus, the use value complements the exchange value of the goods.

can say that consumer properties - it is an abstract concept.In contrast, the exchange value - a finished product for the production of which has been spent a certain amount of labor.Such items can be exchanged for other work results in the amounts and proportions, which are set by other market instruments.

Alternatively, the exchange value - a certain amount of customer value product in which it can be exchanged for a certain number of use-value of another commodity.

It is necessary to note the current trend of commodity exchange.Some exhibited equal proportions, which range in the medium range for all products.However, this equality can not be attributed to the cost of consumer goods, because they are different in their qualities and functions.

exchange value is set according to the amount of labor expended on the production of goods.This is due to the fact that this measure quantifiable.

In the manufacturing process shown the total cost of the goods.However, it is found only in the exchange it for another product.Here the great role played by the exchange value.

properties possessed goods, determined the value of the goods.They are an internal factor.External factors need to refer their manifestation in the process of exchange, which is the exchange value.

dependence consumer cost of a significant exchange value.We can say that the latter figure depends on the properties of the product.In today's market it is an important factor that increases the exchange value.

This product meets the market with other similar products.So there is competition.Here an important role is played by the quality and properties of the product.It is necessary that he is more than meets the needs of society.So increased consumer cost of the goods.

If the product is in its properties is able to more fully meet the needs of the buyer, then exchange it for other products it takes place at a higher exchange value.

Therefore, the result of any activity must become a higher exchange value of the goods.

But the profit level of production is influenced not only use value.It is important to consider many factors.It is necessary to make rational use of resources and labor expended in the production of goods.Then the high exchange value will bring more effect.

exchange value manifested itself since the birth of the commodity relations.Subsequently, the general equivalent of money exchange began.