Stars who bully at school

necessary to fight and prove its importance in the life of a very young age tempered character is not one star.

Today we want to introduce you to a few famous people who were able to reach these heights in your career just because children's resentment caused them to ignore the opinion of the crowd and, despite all the obstacles and achieve your goal.

1. Christina Hendricks

Star of the television series "Mad Men" Christina Hendricks was not very sweet in high school, especially when she had to get something from his locker."We had lockers, and every time I went there to get some tutorial classmates climb up these cabinets, they spat at me there, - said the actress in an interview with Guardian. - ... In high schoolI always felt intimidated. "

2. Lady Gaga

Before pop star Lady Gaga became classmates made fun of her for the way she dresses and speaks."I had a very big nose, very curly brown hair, and I'm overweight. I openly ridiculed" - says the star.And how now things have changed!

3. Taylor Swift

This star of country music who laughs last, and some of the former bullies now want to get her autograph.She's a good sport, that no one recalls the past grievances, but still .. "bitter to realize, but I realized that they do not remember how teased me so, and I should forget about it. And, indeed, if Ievery day did not come home from school so unhappy, maybe I would not have reason to write songs. So I should probably thank the offenders! "

4. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj also says that bullying school forever changed her.That's what the singer herself told the magazine Elle: "I very early has gone through many bullying. Girls have made my life a living hell. We have come to America from another country (Trinidad). My brother and I had an accent. At first it was very hard. HereThen I learned how to build an invisible wall, it was a self-defense mechanism in the growth process, because I almost always expect attacks from other people. And I still could not help waiting for a trick. It's sad. "

5. Miley Cyrus

Star studio "Disney" in his autobiography recounts how once she was locked in a closet."It was a big, cruel girls - says Miley. - I was skinny and small. They were able to cause me serious injuries. They pushed me to the toilet. I was trapped. I banged on the door as long as the fist is notbecome unbearably hurt. Nobody came. I was there for more than an hour, waiting for someone to save me. "

6. Demi Lovato

Over Demi many abused as a child, and now she wants to help others, falling into the same situation."I never understood why (make fun of me) until I looked back," - he said in an interview with Demi-known television journalist Ellen DeGeneres.- I had a different way of life than all the rest.And now I want to help those who scoff at, because there are women who can not just take to come home from school, throwing personal insults from the head, to focus on his career ".

7. Robert Pattinson

Nowfor Robert Pattinson fans chasing the crowd, but before he became famous, Rob was zatyukali child. "I was often beaten when I was younger - frankly the star of" Twilight. "- I was a little idiot, but I always thought that the attacks on me were not provoked by anything.I liked to behave like an actor, that is so, in my submission the then alleged to behave as an actor.Apparently this caused many people have engendered anger and aggression, and they beat me ".

8. Tom Cruise

This is one of the most famous names in Hollywood, but in the early years of a lot of Cruise hunted bigger kids." Often healthyhooligans invented various pretexts to push me, - said the actor.- Your heart is pounding, you sweat and feel as nausea threatens to suffocate.I've never been a big guy and never liked to fight, but I know if you do not hit this or that guy who rides up to me, he would thrash me all year.Therefore it is better to fight, but I will not tolerate bullies and can not stand ".

9. Ryder

in junior high school in Petaluma, California, Rider short cropped his hair, for which it made fun of a group of boys. As an actresslater he said in an interview with V: "I remember being in the corridors of these children started screaming and taunting me" fagot. "... I remember how I left a bandage on his head, because I wanted to look more dramatic.At that time, I composed in the style of interior monologue Humphrey Bogart.I pretended that I was beaten in the gangster film.It was a bit strange, but my own way to deal with the problem.And if I did not, then I probably would have been pretty scary ".

10. Tyra Banks

Currently almost Taira is the owner of his own empire, and we are willing to bet that the crappy kid inshe was once in love, very sorry that did not respond to the feelings of today's supermodels. "He said:" I do not want to hang out near me skinny cornstalk with a large forehead and braces in the mouth. "I was crushed and humiliated, "- says the star. Big mistake. Huge.

11. Victoria Beckham

Now Victoria Beckham cool and stylish, but do not think so her classmates." I was always pushing, said that the beatafter school, chased, "- said the singer and fashion designer. - I was unhappy, all unhappy school years."Maybe now they are jealous of her.

12. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is now dealing with bullies in the media, but at least they do not rush into it with toilet paper.But before "some peers throwing toilet paper in my house or eggs at my door - she recalls bullying and intimidation, which had to go through in his younger years. - And they wrote nasty things on the sidewalk with a permanent marker. They really hated me."

13. Sandra Bullock

Now Sandra - superozvezda, winner of the award "Oscar", the highest paid actress, but bullying in childhood left an indelible mark on her soul."Children - cruel creatures, sadly, I still remember the names of each of those who showed cruelty to me! - She says. - I'm dressed and behaved not like the other kids, so I got on hisass a lot of problems. "

14. Christina Aguilera

Christina Beautiful Song written for people who were abused because they are different, and this topic is close to her heart."I experienced a lot of mockery, because my abusers were intolerant of everything that I love to do," - said the star.

15. Michelle Trachtenberg Michelle

played not a very good high school student in the TV series "Gossip Girl," but when she was in school, it was scoffed at her."One girl pushed me down the stairs, I broke her ribs, and she even beat me with their fists, and broke my nose, and then told the director that I supposedly called her" f *** ing. "I was also criticized," -the actress said in an interview.

16. Paris Jackson

Even the daughter of the King of Pop had to face the brutality on the part of their peers.Paris told Oprah Winfrey that the transition from home to school education in the prestigious Buckley in Los Angeles, has not been without problems."School bullies trying to intimidate me and verbally abused in every possible way."This Jackson says she tries not to notice this, and tries to enjoy life and fellowship with good people who surround her at school.

Photo Source: WENN