How is toning parquet

Parquet - a beautiful, eco-friendly flooring.A technology that allows you to give it a unique look - toning parquet.On it will be discussed in this article.

In the modern classification of the size and characteristics of the following types of flooring present:

1. Wooden floor, put the piece.Small wooden plank treated with lacquer or decoration on the one hand, and connecting with each other a special attachment.

2. Wooden paneling.This form is created from a piece of parquet boards, previously fastened together in panels of various sizes.

3. Parquet board.Dialling from small board glued wooden planks.The design principle was created in the mid-20th century.

4. Massive board.This design resembles a simple wooden floor.The boards of solid wood length of 1.5-2 meters are interconnected.Significantly, that even with a small injury you have to change the entire board.

5. Mosaic parquet.It's simple - parquet mosaic laid in the form of pre-planned pattern, it usually has a clear geometric simple lines.

6. Wooden palace.So noble called parquet, which, when the assembly is laid into the picture.

mosaic palace parquet and avoid errors when installing the pattern is not going on the floor and in the workshops, and placed ready-made cloths.

prices for such products are very different, which depends on the company's products and materials used.For example, pine parquet - the cheapest.Often, buying parquet pine tree, it would be desirable to externally he resembled the texture and color of exotic wood more expensive, for example, from Africa or South America.To help may come tinting parquet - inexpensive effective process by which you can get the desired result.

Toning flooring is necessary and in the process of repair, but previously it should ottsiklevat.Toning will not take more than 4 days for the room 30 sq.m.

in technology make the parquet of a certain color, there are two directions: toning parquet lacquer compositions - involves applying a surface and making the colors formed by color film;toning oil composition - performed by impregnating and coloring of wood fibers.

Toning flooring requires a skilled approach him after tsiklevaniya surface should be as smooth for better distribution of tinting paste.Installing the parquet is made directly on the cement or concrete using adhesive.For these purposes require a special sealant.Mastic parquet can be hot and cold.It has adhesive properties, the properties of protecting from damage the properties of the sealant.Mastic can produce and to rub the floor in order to prevent shrinkage or deformation.Grown composition like glue after thickening resembles rubber, is up to 20 years, with different climates display their properties in a certain way, in Moscow it, for example, stored in well-ventilated warehouses.