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Each stream flows from the source, where it originates, and gaining strength, ends at the river mouth, where it empties into another body of water (ocean, sea, lake, river or other water reservoir).It follows that the mouth of the river - this is the place of its junction with the other bodies of water.Some do not have a permanent mouth, sometimes they lose it in the swamp, so keep track of the end of the brook is not always possible.

There is a concept of so-called blind mouth.It can be caused by drying or when water seeps into the ground, sand or river flows into the closed lake.

accepted to allocate these types of mouths, both Delta and estuary:

  • Delta owes its appearance sediment erosion and removal of their products in large quantities;

  • Estuary - flooded the lower part of the valley.

If the estuary is shallow sea, are not expressed or tidal ebb and flow of the river makes a sufficiently large number of deposits, we can safely say that nature has created all the conditions for the emergence of the delta.

example of the world's largest delta is the mouth of the Amazon.Its area is more than one hundred thousand square kilometers.Just in the delta stretches another champion - Marajó, a huge river island, exceeding the area of ​​Scotland.Amazon River stuns his mouth, it has exceeded the width of the English Channel ten times.It is therefore not surprising that in the rainy season the river begins to leave its banks and thereby flood the surrounding forest.It is very rich in fish and vegetation.There are some species that are found only in the Amazon.Because of the width of the cross it is not so easy, it will take about four hours to do so.

Estuaries are formed where the mouth of the river there is lowering of the coast.The largest estuary boasts river Ob.It was he Ob lip, its length of about 800 km, 50-70 km wide and 25 m deep.

rivers that flow into the cold Arctic seas are different types of their mouths.For example, the Lena River and the other located east are the delta.They pronounced and go far into the sea.Those that are found to the west, forming the estuary.

mouth of the Dniester River, which flows into the Black Sea, is characterized by the formation of such as the estuary.But her neighbor the Danube formed at the confluence of the delta.What factors contributed to this, they are still a mystery for scientists, light which managed to throw only partially.

very simple form of Delta Delta has a beak.It consists of two braids, which are located on both sides of the channel.This type can only be seen on smaller rivers, for example, in Italy - p.Tiber.Similar braids came when the rate of flow in the river has become a small, but on the web for preserved.

also not too common type of blade is considered to be the delta.An example of this can be seen on the Mississippi River.Delta it has arisen due to furcation channel, in which case it into several branches.Background can be different: ranging from the uneven terrain, ending the influence of the human factor.

These types of deltas are formed by the confluence of the sea.There is another view, which is characterized by falling into shallow bays.Such delta even have a name - execution.Example - the Danube River.Very interesting is the Niger Delta because of its edge was smooth contour.A lot of effort to put this sea surf.