Tomato Moskvich: reviews, photos, description, characteristics, cultivation

tomatoes homeland is South America.In Europe, this vegetable-berry was introduced in the XVI century.After a while it started to breed in Russia.Because it is a heat-loving plant, it was originally cultivated only in the southern regions.Later, scientists and breeders were bred varieties of plants, giving excellent yields, including those in cold climates.One of the most popular today is the tomato Moskvich.On this wonderful grade and talk on.

General description

Tomato Moskvich, reviews of which the majority of gardeners positive, was launched at the Institute of Genetics, Vavilov in 1976.It refers to this sort of early-maturing, and very good tolerate low temperatures.The bushes grow low (30-45 cm), the compact, sredneoblistvennymi.Ripe tomatoes have a regular round shape, bright red color, smooth skin tight differ fleshy richness and great taste.The brush is usually 5-6 fruits.Dimensions they are not too large (about 80 g) and therefore very well suited not only for fresh consumption, but also for pickling.

main features of growing

The advantages of garden plants such as tomato Moskvich, which description is given above, can be attributed to the fact that he does not require pasynkovaniya.This makes caring for them as simple as possible.The advantage of this variety is also considered resistant to common diseases Solanaceae as late blight, blight, blight, Verticillium Wilt.

this variety was developed for cultivation in the open field.From emergence until harvest usually it takes about 90-110 days (when grown seedlings method).Keep up with the first tomatoes begin in July.Ends fruition in late August.

Tomato Moskvich: reviews

opinion of the owners of suburban areas of this remarkable grade for the decades of its existence has developed very well.The positive aspects of growing tomatoes Moskvich include not only resistance to low temperatures, diseases, and the ability to give very good yields even under the most adverse conditions of cultivation.The advantage of this variety is considered and its compactness.Very often, these tomatoes are grown on the balcony and window sills those who do not have a suburban area.Almost ideal this sort can be for owners of small gardens.

Many experienced gardeners are advised newcomers to gain experience in growing this culture rather capricious, like tomatoes, starting precisely with grade Moskvich.After all, these tomatoes are very undemanding and there is no need pasynkovaniya saves time and effort.Even if a small error with a time of carrying seedlings in open ground plants with absolutely nothing happens.Resistance to diseases will also allow beginners to successfully grow tomatoes Moskvich.Reviews of this grade, so allow us to judge him as one of the best home today.

Planting seedlings

in boxes tomatoes Moskvich usually sown in late March - early April.Containers with seedlings establish on a window sill or kept in greenhouses.Soil mixture made from humus and sod land in volumetric proportion of 2x1.On this ground the seedlings grow very good.You can use it as a mixture of peat, compost manure and sod land in equal amounts.

Before sowing, the resulting soil is filled in boxes, carefully leveled and moisturized.On its surface with a pencil or any other instrument held in groove depth of approximately 1 cm at intervals of 3-5 cm. In these seeds are planted and (at a distance of 1 cm).Tomato Moskvich (description of the variety in all details given above) is unpretentious, but too often sow planting still not worth it.Otherwise, the shoots will suppress each other.

Until the advent of germ boxes are kept in a dark place, covered with foil.After the tomato sprout, they carry on windowsills.The film is removed.As soon as the plants appear on one piece of paper in the drawers should fill up some land.A pick

How to do so, to get a very strong seedling varieties such as tomato Moskvich?Growing (reviews of these tomatoes just magnificent, especially to be afraid to do something wrong you should not) of tomatoes in boxes - the procedure is simple.However, the best seedlings can only be subject to picks.This procedure prevents pulling the plants and helps to strengthen their root system.

Spend picks tomatoes Moskvich in phase two true leaves.Strong plants are transferred to a bulky container, and the weak simply removed.After picking around each tomato should be ground at least 10 cm in diameter.The easiest way to transfer the tomatoes in a plastic or paper cups, filled with the soil of the same composition as in boxes.

to tender roots of young plants were not damaged, the ground carefully before carrying shed.Tomatoes poddevat hand several pieces together with the soil, then carefully separated and seated on the glasses, to bury cotyledons.Placing plants in the new land should be so that the roots do not break or curled.After the pick put the cups on the brightest spot in the apartment.In the following will need to be monitored closely to ensure that the soil does not dry them.

Care seedlings

tomato varieties Moskvich reviews which really wonderful, like any other cultivated plant, require periodic watering.Moisten the soil under the very young tomato moderately, in the morning or evening hours.Prior to emergence from a spray of water is applied.Once the roots a little get stronger, you can start using normal mug or bottle.After a while, after watering the soil loosened slightly dried up.Too often watered the tomatoes are not recommended.Otherwise seedlings grow thin and pampered.

If plants grow well and have a natural dark green leaves and stalk to feed them is not required.When stunting use ammonium nitrate (12-15 g per 10 liters of water).

Choosing a location in the garden grow tomatoes

Moskvich reviews which provide a glimpse of him as one of the most unpretentious of today, under the open sky.For greenhouses that variety is not suitable as a self-pollinating does not apply.Most suitable for beds for tomatoes Moskvich will be well lit by the sun, closed from the wind.The best precursors for these tomatoes are considered to crops such as onions, cucumbers, and carrots.Many experienced gardeners are advised to plant tomatoes in the vicinity of strawberries.This benefits both cultures - the yield is significantly increased, and the fruits are larger.

Prepare beds

So, the place chosen for tomatoes.How to properly prepare the beds for them?To begin to do this it is best to even fall.The selected area dug to a depth of about 30 cm into the soil and make fertilizer.This can be humus, compost or mineral supplements (superphosphate, potassium salt).

spring flower bed under tomatoes again dug up, making for each square meter of 55 g of superphosphate, 15 g of potassium chloride and 20 g of ammonium nitrate.Experienced gardeners are advised not to use as a dressing for tomatoes cow dung.In its application in plants begins to actively develop green mass at the expense of flowering and fruiting.

How to move the seedlings in open ground

Now let's deal with the way land on a bed of tomato Moskvich.Characteristics of the class is such that it can be grown, including thickened and landings.However, to get a very good harvest to place young bushes is better to seldom.Planted tomatoes grown in boxes usually rows.The distance between the bushes should be about 40 cm. Between the rows of leaves a gap of 70 cm.

Of course, a few hours before planting seedlings should be well cast.Moisten the soil under the plants should be immediately after they are carrying.Only in this case will take all shrubs such plants as tomatoes Moskvich.Reviews (photo of tomatoes presented on the page) of the survival rate of seedlings of this variety, by the way, is also good.

tomatoes bury in the ground so that the stem remained completely outside.From paper cups seedlings are not removed, burying it in the ground with them.

planted young Muscovite tomatoes on a bed in central Russia are usually in late May.At this time, there remains the danger of night frosts.Therefore, it is desirable to hide the transferred plants.To do this, they put on the arc covered with transparent film.

Summer care for tomatoes

Then let's deal with the fact of care during the growing season requires tomato Moskvich.Reviews (terms of his landing in the ground - the middle or end of May) with respect to resistance to low temperatures of it excellent.So keep the film over the beds for too long, probably not necessary.Shoot it in the 20-30 of May.

Watering tomatoes grown Moskvich like abundant, but not too often.In hot weather, the soil under them generally moisturize a day, preventing its complete drying.In rainy - the frequency of watering can be reduced.

the first time tomatoes are fed immediately after planting.It is possible to use a solution of mullein (1x10) or chicken droppings (1x20).All subsequent feeding, which should be carried out at intervals of about 10 days, made using only the fertilizer.This may be, for example, a nitrophosphate solution (60 g in 10 liters).

Disease Prevention

Although a variety of different kinds of infections Moskvich is stable enough, sprinkle a few times over the summer still stands.For the prevention of disease may be any suitable solution for this purpose.Very good choice of means of preventing disease may be, for example, the conventional Bordeaux mixture or garlic tincture.

So we'll have found out that the tomato is a Moskvich (description, reviews cited above).The plant is actually very unpretentious.After dropping off at the garden are tomatoes, you can get a good crop with minimal time and effort.