13 beauty-error, scaring men

One of the main causes of women's addiction to cosmetics ladies usually referred to the need to please men.However, in this case, it is important not to overdo it and take into account the characteristics of the male perception of how online surveys show, there are many beauty-error, simply scaring the Cavaliers.We offer you a list of 13 such "beauty blunders".

1. «Strangles spirits."

As you know, too much good - it's bad.Especially relevant is this truth, when it comes to perfume.Most men hate women in a dense "cloud" of spirits, and even the most sophisticated fragrance does not save when its concentration can be suffocating.Moreover, the palette of high-quality perfume scents designed for the gentle touch of perfume, and in large quantities may even hate to change their properties.

Therefore, do not overdo it with artificial scents: optimally - only lightly sprinkle the skin, no more than 3 times for spirits, and not more than 4 times - for toilet water (because it is less concentrated).

2. «The problem of plaster."

Multilayer makeup on a woman's face often discourages men and gives them the association with the layer cake, plaster, primed canvas, doll mask and other outsiders and not very flattering lady things.Moreover, the foundation makeup, moisturizer, concealer, powder - all this, in the end, turns out to be on the skin and, more importantly, the gentleman clothes.

Therefore, for a party, or the publication dates framework should be easy once too noticeable makeup is better to remove soft sponge and apply concealer only where necessary to hide any imperfections.Then you will feel more natural, and the person will look livelier, and the man will be more pleasant, and his clothing will be less dirty.

3. «Doll eyelashes."

The famous beauty-error: too thick, tasteless and poorly painted, with lumps and flakes, flakes of mascara, unkempt and lifeless, like a thick plastic eyelashes.Such scare anyone, not just men who have similar beauty-error may be associated with even the women of easy virtue.

Remember that the secret of a well-made-up eyelashes - underlining and creating a sense of natural beauty.Even dramatic makeup (for example, in the style of "vamp") has its own rules and boundaries that should not be crossed.In an extreme case, if you can not properly make up gently and the eyelashes, you can get artificial additives, and do not even along the entire length - you can just paste the lashes at the outer edge of the eyelid to visually enlarge the eyes.The main thing to look at when you do not create a sense that the lashes "live their lives" and even interfere with your eyes.

4. Sear the skin.

too dry, scaly, cracked or rough skin - unattractive and nonsexual, to put it mildly, a spectacle, and unpleasant to the touch.Here, the main beauty-error will not pay attention to this problem.Dry skin of legs, coarse "corns" on his elbows, cracks in the skin - all this requires care, proper nutrition, and sometimes even treatment.

However, while the problem of dry skin is not resolved, you can try to cosmetically hide it using the shower special moisturizing creams and lotions (like Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Moisturizing Lotion with SPF record 30).So you protect your skin from the sun and make it soft, supple, moist and elastic - like love men.

5. Careless shaving.

One of the first places among what scares men who bristles female legs.Since you shave, do it qualitatively new blades, with high-quality foam or gel, and best of all - for the night (after sleeping for a little swollen feet, and good morning, shaving will not work).At the same time and cuts or irritation from shaving will be less.

6. Yellow teeth.

Another common mistake of beauty - do not pay attention to the yellow or gray teeth.It turns out that it is also annoying men.Therefore, dentists, useful home remedies or special toothpaste for whitening teeth (like Luster Now Instant Whitening Toothpaste) to help you.

7. «Clay lip."

Lip Gloss is gentle, moisturizing, and is a sticky, that though they are glued glass!If you're going to kiss lipstick, be sure to shine was persistent, but not too thick, light and not sticky (example: Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Pur).

8. «orange tan."

One of trendy beauty-error - too many layers of fake tan.For perfect effect you need a lightweight bronze tan, only one tone darker than your skin.If you are afraid to make a mistake, use gradient suntan lotion (eg, Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer) or dilute the self-tanning moisturizer.

9. Too dense and tight hairstyles.

Interestingly, the list of irritants men including this paragraph.It turns out that many of the stronger sex prefer loose hair, "tail" or other, more free, hairstyles, allowing to feel the curls at hand, pass them through his fingers and dipped in their hands.Of course, it is desired that hair was not sticky or too stiff upon various sprays and clamps, or too dry and brittle from permanent stain.

10. «The smoke in the eyes."

smoky eye make-up - it is fashionable and stylish, but be careful - too thick pile of dark, heavy shadow on the eyelids and looks awful scare anyone.It is best to create a gentle, sexy version of the makeup, using shadows and a minimum fine line drawn in pencil along the contours of the eye.

11. «Kiss clown."

Men often do not like too bright, too dark or bold shades of lipstick in women, particularly if they are going to kiss, because then every kiss them - the risk to turn his face in clown mask.Therefore, meeting the best - neutral pink hues like these options: Burberry Beauty Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick in Nude Rose and L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche Nurturing and Protective Lipcolour in Fairest Nude.

12. «Balagan in her hair."

Many modern men like natural women's hair, without the "additives" in the form of artificially implanted strands, feathers, beads and other tinsel, so popular with the stars of show business.

13. deters manicure.

turns, usually men (we are not talking about the informal, of course) like it is not just a manicure, for example, discourages them black, shiny, glowing, neon nail polish, in all variants and combinations.Therefore, if you want to make a favorable impression, prefer the good old classics: red-pink, neutral or, in extreme cases, noble maroon tones.