What a good battery, and what - no?

In today's world, few people do without digital technology and power tools.The question arises: how to choose the right battery for a particular high-tech devices?What good battery lasts a really long time?In this article we consider the basic types of batteries and help you choose the most suitable camera and the example of the screwdriver.

Types of batteries for small devices

Ordinary AA batteries format.These cheap and common sources of power still do not hand over their positions.They are used in wireless mouse and keyboard of an economy class, remote control, cheap cameras, bar of soap, Flashlights, children's toys, etc.

However, modern digital photo-equipment batteries - not an option - too quickly they sit.So what better batteries for the camera?This depends on the device and the frequency of their use.Greatest popular modern eco-friendly battery NiMH.Have a 1.2V operating voltage and the nameplate capacity within 2500-2700mA / h.Lithium batteries are also suitable for cameras.

What to consider when choosing the battery for the camera?

Firstly, do not chase the nameplate capacity is large.As practice shows, this is set to the manufacturer, so Varta capacity 2700mA / h is much higher than power Ansmann capacity 2850mA / h.

Second, searching for an answer to the question "what good battery to buy?", Consider its size - some models have non-standard dimensions, because of what can not come to any device.

Third, consider the intensity of the use of batteries.If you use the camera may need to recharge it once a week or even more frequently.In this case, use a battery capacity of at least 2700mA / h.If the camera is rarely used and their sources of supply for weeks are "on standby", use the models to the current low level samozaryada.

Choose a battery for cordless screwdriver

batteries for the screwdriver represented the same species as that for the above devices.They are characterized by a large reserve capacity.So which is better for the battery screwdriver?Below we describe the main features of these types of devices, and how to take the battery - you decide.

Nickel-cadmium batteries contain a lot of toxic materials and the strongest allergens, but they have a much larger volume than the other.It allowed up to 1000 recharges.

Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries.They are harmless and environmentally friendly, but compared to NiCd have a capacity of less than half the valid number and recharges 500.

Lithium batteries.More powerful than previous versions and no memory effect, but do not tolerate low temperatures.

Regarding the nameplate capacity, the recommendations are the same as for batteries for cameras.That's up, what a good battery, and what not.

What to consider when choosing the battery for the screwdriver?

memory effect.Present in nickel batteries.The essence of the effect in the loss of capacity for charging the battery is not fully discharged.That is, to ensure the normal operation of such a battery before recharging it is necessary to fully discharge, which brings certain inconveniences.

capacity.What is more, the longer the Buda work without recharging the battery.Current models allow to work continuously for hours.

charging time.Important: The battery must be charged no more than the time spent on discharge.

That's all.We hope that the question of what a good battery and which is not, for you are no longer worth it.