How to keep the pumpkin?

hard to overstate the value of a pumpkin.This vegetable is useful to all, and in any form: raw, boiled, steamed, baked.Therefore, every woman, collecting in the garden harvest, think about how to keep the pumpkin to it to save a maximum of vitamins and mineral elements.This question and is dedicated to the following article.We will look at a variety of storage options orange vegetables.Prepare them to remember or write down in his notebook with useful tips.

How to store for the winter pumpkin fresh?

suitable for long-term savings benefits without external damage and completely matured.Color of this vegetable is rich yellow, orange or red (depending on variety).Pumpkin Store preferably in a cool dry place.More suited for this basement and enclosed balcony.In rural conditions such a place can be shed on the condition that during the cold temperature it remains positive.The room under the bed can also save this vegetable for a few months.

Humidity in the room where lie the fruits should be 80-85%.The temperature regime should be maintained in the range of 10-25 degrees.Lay the pumpkin should be on a layer of hay or straw, leaving gaps between the vegetables.If a frosty winter will then further overlaid and cover all the fruits of the same materials.

orange vegetables spoil quickly if ingested by exposure to sunlight.So if you keep it on the balcony, then nestle all fruits blanket.

How long can you keep a pumpkin whole fruit?If all the above described conditions the vegetable can be stored until spring.This total is obtained 6-7 months.

How to store pumpkin in the form of a cut?

There are several ways to save this useful vegetable.Let us examine them in detail.

  • Freeze.Fruit cut and remove seeds.Cut the flesh into pieces, folded in a plastic bag or a set of castors plastic (food) and put in the freezer.For 9-10 months at such storage in pumpkin all useful nutritional properties.
  • drying.Vegetables cut into thick slices 1 centimeter.In a saucepan, boil water, dip into it for a minute slices of pumpkin in a colander to remove and allow to drain.Arrange the plates on a tray and put in the oven or Electric driers.Align the temperature of the device at 60 degrees and then gradually increase it to 80 degrees.When the vegetables will be completely dry, leave it up to complete cooling.Lay slices of pumpkin cloth bag or plastic container and store at room temperature.Bottom sudochki pre-coat paper impregnated with wax.Be careful to prevent moisture from entering the container, which are dry pieces of vegetables.The fruit treated in this manner are stored up to 1 year, while maintaining in its composition all vitamins.

How to keep the pumpkin?You already know the answer to this question.It turns out, the case is completely trouble-free.Try to save as much as possible this healing fruit vegetable.Until the spring you can prepare delicious porridge out of it, purees and juices.