The crises of the Provisional Government

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military problems focused and sharpens all questions with regards to the 1917 revolution.At this time, the social and economic situation began to deteriorate, it has intensified separatist sentiment in the outskirts of the country's growing demands of the revolutionary masses, which led to resentment, because it does not implemented.This situation was used by the Bolsheviks to strengthen people's hatred of the bourgeoisie and the liberals.They had been promised the full satisfaction of the people through the establishment of the socialist revolution, contributing to end the war and the transfer of land to the peasants.

During the revolution overthrew the tsarist government, and in late February, began the formation of the Provisional Government.However, during the existence of the crisis there were three of the Provisional Government, each of which was a long and stronger than the previous.In this way by the beginning of September, it was a new government, called Director, which included five people.But all these events contributed to the demise of the revolution, but only inflamed it, so that the beginning is preparing for the seizure of power.

consider in detail the crisis of the Provisional Government.

1. The April crisis was caused social tension in the country, due to the increasing application of Miliukov on the continuation of the war and the implementation of all clauses of the contract of the tsarist government.All these developments have led to mass rallies, resulting coalition was formed, which included the capitalists and socialists.This alliance has promised to start negotiations to end the war, the development of new reforms and the establishment of state control over production.

2. Crisis of the Provisional Government (May - July 1917).Policy Coalition led to an explosion of discontent, with the result that there was a mass armed demonstration in Petrograd.This used the Bolsheviks, whose purpose was to organize demonstrations against the current government.However, the government knocked this wave by launching an offensive at the front.

3. The crises of the Provisional Government (beginning July 1917).July crisis began with the release of the Cadets from the government.At this time in the capital was carried out armed rally of workers in order to create a new Soviet government that killed many people, and the city was established martial law.Against the Bolshevik persecution began, the Provisional Government introduced the death penalty at the front.

crisis worsened after the defeat and retreat of Russian troops at the front, and complete the creation of a new coalition and the counter-revolutionary forces.The interim government tried to stabilize the situation and reconcile the political power, but he did not succeed.The new coalition lasted only a month.

crises Provisional Government ended the so-called Kornilov revolt in August 1917, due to the suppression of which has changed the situation in the country and the influence of the Bolsheviks intensified.

Thus, the Provisional Government and the Bolsheviks contributed to prevent the coup, which took a Kornilov.In early September, it had adopted a resolution of the Bolsheviks, and the crisis of the Provisional Government in 1917 helped stabilize the country.For this reason, the number of the Bolsheviks in the party grew, and she Party won credibility in the eyes of the masses.

It should be noted that the interim government did not last long.Its members were arrested in late October 1917, when the country broke out armed rebellion.The Bolsheviks won the October revolution, creating a new milestone in the history of Soviet Russia.