Most strange and terrible beauty rituals in history: Part One

What tricks did not go on the dangerous experiments which only did not dare to women throughout history to preserve or restore the elusive beauty, corresponding to its variable standards!Sometimes such attempts jeopardize not only health, but life itself crazy and reckless beauties.

offer you a first group of 10 countries and terrible beauty rituals, inventions and beauty treatments of different ages and cultures extant.

1. Bath crocodile excrement.

Many animal products and animal by-products, even of life (for example, different selections) at various times it was thought beneficial to human skin.Some really help, others were just harmless, but there were also those, which today can not be read without a shudder.

For example, the ancient Greeks and Romans often used for its mud baths and fresh crocodile excrement, mixing them with the earth.In this horrible filth "soak" the whole, it is used for "anti-aging" face masks.

2. «machine for dimples in his cheeks."

In 1936, the US market has one of the useless and monstrous mechanism to "improve women's appearance" - "machine for the dimples on her cheeks."It invented some Gilbert Isabelle (Isabelle Gilbert) - for women who could not live without these nice features.This strange spring mechanism was to "create dimples" by the constant pressure on the cheek with special metal parts.However, the fashion for dimples in the United States did not last long, and wearing those awful spring was quite uncomfortable and unpleasant, because the machine Isabelle Gilbert successfully sunk into oblivion.

3. «Glistovaya diet."

Yes, and this was - in England, beginning the XIX-th century!In those days, too, the ladies go crazy for a slim figure, although the standards of beauty were different.One of the most terrible diets were "glistovaya diet" during which dieters especially girls and women swallow pills with prodizenfitsirovannymi larvae tapeworm (tapeworm tapeworms or, as they are called).

lodged in his stomach volunteer "victims of Beauty", the worms grew, developed and processed "excess" calories consumed in its own weight, growing to unprecedented proportions.And then had to "delete" grown worms - a very unpleasant procedure.Fortunately, the fashion for this psevdodietu quickly passed.

4. foot-binding.

One of the most terrible, strange and cruel practices in the world - the custom of foot-binding, practiced mainly in China and for a long time - with an X at the beginning of the XX century!First bandaging subjected to a court dancer, but very quickly this barbarism spread throughout the country.

During this terrible procedure of girls aged 4-7 years of the most cruel manner flexed foot, breaking all the fingers except the large and pressing them on the sole, and tightly bandaged to stop did not look normal, it does not grow and did not looksupport for the body.It was believed that such a stop in the form of a "lotus flower" and a woman who can not she walk normally - signs of noble birth and wealth of the family (as the woman with deformed legs can not run), chastity, and dominated by men, and most importantly, and most absurd- It is considered very beautiful!

Usually such a way crippled elder daughters - to increase their chances of marrying well, and the process consists of many stages, was extremely painful, cause severe pain and a lifetime ruined the health of women, sometimes threatening their lives.

5. White lead.

not only in the East but in the West, women willingly mocked them and their health in order to please the whims of changing social standards of beauty.For example, in the Age of Enlightenment (about XVII-XVIII centuries), it was thought that the skin of this rich and noble aristocrat should be white as chalk, and any hint of color (pink or brown) was considered a sign of low origin and toil under the sun,on open air.

So, to achieve "a beautiful and interesting aristocratic pallor" ladies of the time covered the face, chest and hands (all open areas of the body for contemplation) special powder made of white lead, calcium carbonate and various giroksidov.This powder was quite toxic, and eventually poisoned the entire body, marred skin and leads to unpleasant side effects, including skin diseases and inflammation, and even complete baldness.

6. Bleed.

to achieve "a beautiful pale" and other no less harmful and dangerous ways.For example, in the VI century aristocrat practiced controlled bleeding - with every drop of blood from their skin care natural flowering shade replaced by deathly pallor.Needless to add that these treatments have a devastating effect on the health of poor women.

7. Blackening tooth.

This tradition is still preserved in some of Southeast Asia, India, South America, Nigeria and Morocco, was especially popular in Japan, almost until the end of the Meiji period (ie, the blackening was practiced in the early XX century!).

Married women special liquid dye solution of iron in acetic acid and stained with ink nuts sumac his teeth in a deep black color.This film was coated with enamel and prevent its destruction and it had to be applied again daily or every few days.The process takes time, but covered with such "black lacquer" teeth, despite the bad smell of paint, were considered a sign of exquisite beauty, set off the whiteness of the skin.Color fastness to the teeth, even compared with loyalty to her husband.

8. Salo for wigs.

large, lush hair and long hair in many epoch is considered a sign of beauty, but lacks power prevented the ladies grow luxurious curls.Therefore, the majority of women from the Middle Ages until the end of the Age of Enlightenment enjoyed lush wigs.

These huge and bulky construction of the hair, wooden frames, feathers, beads and other decorations for all kinds of tools were not only difficult and time-consuming, but also breeding grounds for unsanitary conditions.Worst of all was that the hair wigs are usually coated with a layer of lard or fat bear, becoming a special treat for mice and rats.Rodents and hawkers every illness settled in women's wigs, until their mistress slept or other worn a wig, so we were even invented a special "cell for the wigs," to protect them from mice and rats.

9. Portuguese urine mouthwash.

Healthy and beautiful teeth are important for the beauty and health of the entire body, but before the invention of modern toothpastes and rinses to keep them in the order it was no easy task, and each culture coped with it in their own way.Amazingly, the ancient Romans believed that urine Portuguese - one of the best remedies for teeth beauty!To do this, the urine is specially transported by sea from Portugal, as the Romans believed that it is more effective to cleanse the teeth than their own.I must say that is contained in the urine ammonium really - a good disinfectant, and urine continued to be used as the active ingredient of mouthwashes least until the XVIII century!

10. «Fire procedures".

These strange beauty and health treatments are common in China.In the course of such beauty-treatment on the face or other body parts that need to be "improving" and "lift", lay soaked in alcohol and medical herbs towel and set fire to a few seconds.It is believed that it strengthens and revitalizes the skin, it rejuvenates, restores its firmness and elasticity and reduces wrinkles.They say it is relatively safe - fire burns long enough to harm the skin, but the woman at risk of losing hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, and in general, this procedure is too extreme.

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