Rivers of the United States: a brief description of the major watercourses

United States - a country that is very rich in fresh water resources.Great River US and bring a lot of benefits for the state, since almost all are navigable.The most famous water bodies considered the Great Lakes.It is composed of several large lakes, which are connected by the Straits, as well as small water streams.The most significant and major rivers - Missouri, Colorado, Mississippi, Columbia.

United States

One of the most influential powers in the world is America.It is also superior in size and population, many states.

In its area of ​​the United States ranked fourth (9630 thous. Km2).It borders with Canada and Mexico.

Because of the large extent of the state of its terrain is varied.Here you can meet both lowland and mountain ranges.Each state has its own climatic characteristics: both are not uncommon arctic cold and tropical heat.United States conditionally divided into four time zones.

population is divided into social classes, which differ in quality of life, education, and income.Due to large-scale immigration in the United States is home to almost all races and nations.The official language is not accepted, but the most common was English.

US is divided into 4 regions, as well as the State and is divided into so-called zones - areas that have similar conditions of life, religion, traditions and others.

River US

On the nature of the United States can speak for very long, but you can notnot to mention the waterways.

New York Susquehanna River flows.Its water is very clean, which allows to use it as drinking water.However, coal mining is very much can poison the water flow, which is why the government is developing a plan by which pollution is minimized.

Almost all rivers are located in the United States, often are influenced by the industry.For example, in Bristol Bay waterways constantly over the years, are suffering because of mining.

Roanoke River in Virginia, as well as the Susquehanna, has clean water.In addition, there is a uranium mine, production of which can lead to dire consequences.

watercourse located in Illinois Chicago, which is heavily polluted by sewage.He rescues the US from other rivers of mud, as the only haven for waste.

salmon and salmon can be found in the Ubaye.It is hydroelectric.Also it built numerous dams, it has become an obstacle for fish migration.At the same time if you do not build a passage for aquatic animals, the salmon may be endangered.

Mississippi - the main river of the United States

greatest water flow both America and the world - Mississippi.It is fully located in the United States, but it captures a small swimming pool in Canada.Originates in Nicolette Creek flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

Mississippi - is the longest river in the United States.Its length is greater than 3500 km.Also, thanks to its area of ​​its basin includes almost all the states of the state.Basically, the river is within the southern.

Missouri - a tributary of the Mississippi

Missouri River is the largest stream of water in North America and the tributary.Mississippi.The source is located in the Rocky Mountains, which fully affect its typical flow.It is worth noting that other major US river originate in this place.Length of Missouri is 3767 km.With this watercourse in the XIX century settlers moved west, thus extending the boundaries of the United States.

Peak of navigation took place in the 30 years of the twentieth century.For 20 years, was built many dams and other structures, however, it is now possible to observe a decline in the development of the river.

main water artery of the country

Colombia is a leader in the "main rivers of the USA."It is located in North America and takes place not only through the States, but also across Canada.Its length is 2 thousand. Km.

feeds glacial waters.Due to the mountainous nature of the course and the large volume of water, it creates ideal conditions for hydroelectric power plants.In total, the water flow is 14 hydroelectric power plants.

Navigation on the river developed quite difficult, because it had many shoals and rapids.However, in the twentieth century, the construction of numerous dams helped to fill the channel with sufficient water.This factor led to a major breakthrough in this area.

Colorado - Deep River

the southwest of the United States of America Colorado River flows.Its length is 2334 km.It empties into the Gulf of California.Almost the entire pool of water flow is in the United States, more than 600 thousand. Km2.Colorado is widely used in agriculture and for other household needs.Earlier in the river vodilos about 50 species of fish.However, the work to change the flow led to a decrease in their population.It is worth noting that 4 species are almost completely at the stage of extinction.

Colorado has a stormy course, which attracts large number of tourists.On its shores are many national parks and forests, where you can have a good time and relaxation.

rating "Big River US" certainly led Mississippi.Now because of the human condition of the water flow is deteriorating, but the government still holds a number of special events that are slowly improving the environment.