How to remove the register from the psychiatrist?

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Often many situations where people are registered at the Addiction.This may be related to drug use or alcoholism.But after some time many have a question: "How to remove the register from the psychiatrist?"

What is registration with the Addiction

medical intervention is any examination or treatment, which has a diagnostic, research, medical, preventive and rehabilitative orientation.And recording often relates to preventive action.

derecognised from the psychiatrist

person puts on record to Narcologist for one year, if it is confirmed at least one fact they use alcohol.On the question of how to withdraw from the account at the psychiatrist, the answer is as follows: mandatory compliance with two conditions.First, you need to celebrate every month at the psychiatrist.Secondly, in the assays should not be handed over to be identified alcohol.On dispensary registration citizen can be put back if faced with the drug treatment service.If the clinic was visited constantly, then remove from the register three years.This deadline for removal from the observation of the patient with chronic alcoholism.

period starts from the moment when a person visits a doctor.If this were disrupted schedule of monthly visits, the period of registration starts to count down again.

reasons for deregistration in Addiction

Produced deregistration for several reasons:

  • full recovery (remission);
  • If you change the address of permanent residence, and people moved to the area where the charge of substance abuse is another department (in which case it should be observed in other narkodispansere);
  • staying in prison longer than one year removed from the register;
  • under the direction of drug addicts in the medical dispensary;
  • upon the occurrence of the death of a citizen.

Premature withdrawal from substance abuse records

How to remove the register from the psychiatrist in advance, if the term of removal 3 years?There are also options.Early deregistration is possible, for example, one year.To this should be consulted in the first place with the attending physician.Then need help with the work, which confirms that the citizen does not drink alcohol.Also, it is useful to stock up on inquiries of neighbors who live close by and can give a positive assessment of behavior.

Premature withdrawal possible with prolonged absence of any information about the patient, move it to another city, death and imprisonment.If a citizen put to account, could not find in the course of the year, it is removed from the account automatically, in absentia.

How to remove the register from the psychiatrist at the usual time

In connection with the post remission withdrawals made after the conclusion of a special medical commission, which should be mandatory to pass the citizen.The Commission is made up of doctors of the institution in which the patient was immediately placed on the account.

In other cases, the decision is made by the treating physician, based on the official reports of organs or other institutions, where in that time have seen the patient.How to remove the register from the psychiatrist, if a citizen was put to him like a drug addict?Terms of withdrawing the same, changing only the period, which is already 5 years in this case.If during this time were permanent marks are regular, and the man recovered completely, then, again, based on the decision of the commission, he is removed from the register.But if there were a violation, the Commission may extend further.

How to get right, if the citizen is registered in narkodispansere

If a citizen has been registered in narcological clinic, but for a long time, do not consume alcohol and drugs, how to withdraw from the account at the psychiatrist and get right?For rights need to undergo mandatory medical examination, which reveals that there are no contraindications to control the vehicle.But first you need to still withdraw from the account at the psychiatrist.

What if at some point in their lives citizen happened to be seen in the use of alcohol and drugs, and even if this was in narkodispansere?Often it is the first and the last hit.The man then living, without knowing what is registered, and, accordingly, does not even think to go checked.But there comes a time to get right, and it is rejected on the grounds that, it appears, is registered!In this case, to prove that he is about this and did not know all these years, it is almost impossible.There are only two options: the first - to wait for the end of the period when it will be removed from the register, and only then get the rights, the second - to try to resolve the situation with your doctor, who may prescribe the passage Commission and to deregister before.

In any case, a certificate necessary to obtain the rights, has not been canceled, and only after its presence can be obtained driver's license.