How to glue the cork on the walls

cork wallpaper - it is certainly the best option for your walls.This coating has several advantages which you can not even guess.This kind of wallpaper today is rapidly gaining popularity in the decoration of the walls.Now, of course, raises the question of how to glue the cork on the walls?

First we need to prepare the necessary tools for this: drywall knife or scissors;spatula or comb (which is more convenient);metal ruler;water;sponge or rag.As well as materials: cork wallpaper;adhesive (for cork wallpaper), also suitable acrylic.Before you glue the cork on the walls, it is necessary to align the surface.It is important to remember that these wallpapers can not be glued overlapping.Cork wallpaper in any case can not crush, because it can happen deformation of the structure.The walls need to advance raschertit with a ruler and pencil rough layout of what will pokleit wallpaper.Before you glue the cork to the wall, using the comb to apply the adhesive to the section of the wall, from which you plan to start.Then the cork is taken, leans against the wall and strongly pressed down.The complexity of this process depends on the kind of plug you're using.Tiled you simply pokleit themselves, but rather to glue rolls with the assistant.

How to glue the cork on the walls - became clear.Now it is necessary to determine why you need to try it cork wallpaper.


  • improved insulation;
  • simply sticking to the walls;
  • can be used for flooring;
  • for such wallpaper is easy to care;
  • aligned irregularities of the walls;
  • improved sound insulation;
  • low cost;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • relevance.

New housing in need of repair, without which you can not do nothing.If you choose the wrong way, the repair process will be perpetual.To avoid this, you must advance all think for themselves and to make a clear plan as to what.

is necessary to pay attention to the finishing materials for the walls.Today, finishing materials can pick up any color at an affordable price.Also it is necessary to determine the objectives and functionality of such materials.For example, in the bedroom and children's common to use non-woven or vinyl wallpaper, they must be quiet tones.The kitchen is usually laid tile, especially in food preparation areas.Habitual ways of wall decoration is meant plastering and painting with further papering different coatings or finishes.Among them are:

  • decorative plaster;
  • linings;
  • plastic;
  • ceramic tiles;
  • panel.

There is also a wall decoration fabric, stone, cork sheets, but this is a material rather high cost.

When it comes to comfortable movement around the room, you should consider the option of cork flooring.This product features a unique and a lot of positive qualities.Floor cork elastic and resistant to high loads.Because the tube by 50% is filled with air, it does not lose the original shape after being crushed or deformed.This coating is shock that has beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system of man, reduces pressure on the spine.Cork flooring is quiet and warm, is a good sound insulator and is considered environmentally clean, safe surface.