Acceptance transmission equipment and services: concept and design nuances

In order to regulate the legal relationship between the economic contractors in the legislation, along with the other documents for the registration of the transaction, was adopted a standard form - the act of receiving the transmission equipment, as well as other tangible and intangible assets.

For example, mention may be made, among other things, the act of receiving transmission services, as well as another variation - the act of receiving the transfer of fixed assets.It should be noted that not all such documents have numerous templates.This statement refers to the document, including "an act of receiving transmission services", but there are recommendations for its preparation, which we will look after it set the essence of another document - the act of receiving the transfer.

So, in any version of the act of receiving the transmission equipment or anything else - an official document stamped by the organization, which establishes the actual transfer of the ownership of the commission of the sales.In addition, the form of the act is used for commissioning.By the indispensable condition of the legitimacy of the document is the presence of all involved parties in the transaction.Any such document is distributed in two copies.It is mandatory to contain the paper number, date of preparation, as well as the name of the document, a comprehensive list of assets is complete, detected defects, signatures of officials of the organization.

for correctly handling such an important official document, as an act of receiving transfer equipment, it is necessary to make the technical documentation, this is the mark.If the reception of an asset is held in several stages, it is a few documents.Anyone designed according to the requirements of the law this kind of document is the basis for the production of an asset on the balance sheet.

also vital to maintain the company afloat correctly perform the act of receiving the transmission services.You can download one of the versions available in sufficient quantities in the vast network, but must be carefully traced strict compliance with the laws of form.Tax inspection is particularly partial to such documents, because they confirm the charges on which the accrued income tax.To do this, they must meet the requirements listed in article 252, first paragraph of the Tax Code.

If the submitted paper is not completely meet the requirements, when submitting incorrect documents the tax base is not reduced.This provision is detailed in article 270, paragraph 49 of the Tax Code.According to Chapter 39 of the Civil Code of the number, regulation of services consists of 5 items.Designated the following services: communication, consulting, audit, information services and training.In Chapter 39 there is no mention about the act of receiving a Service, but the applicability of Article 783 of the Civil Code.According to her commercial services contract involves provision.It is important that they do not contradict the 39 chapter.Hence, the act of acceptance of services be still necessary.The conclusion is made on the basis of Article 720, paragraph 2 of the Civil Code.

On the basis of this provision, the services rendered can be considered only when the document confirming the transaction is verified by signatures of both parties.According to the Ministry of Finance explanatory letters Nos 1 040 205 fraction fraction 33 from 30.04.04, the fraction 1 030 306 740 fraction from 13.11.2009 years, the fraction 1 030 306 576 fraction from 20.08.2007 to recognize the cost of a tax resident of the Russian Federation in transactions for services, an act of acceptance of delivery is required.Such a document should contain the name of the document and the organization, the date of the name of the official organization, content of services provided, a reference to the contract, the period of service, the amount of bills, names of responsible officials and their signatures.The most common mistake in the preparation of this document - calculation of the amount of the transaction without the ruble equivalent.In conclusion, it should be noted that if properly developed very act of receiving transfer equipment and other documents with checks from the tax can not simply be problems.