How to draw a sheep.

Before parents often question: "What to do with children at home?"If a child came over and asked how to draw a sheep, and you do not know the answer, then read the article.With step by step instructions and advice, you can easily help preschoolers.Thus, you will provide your baby interesting work together well and have fun.

Use creative work

Any kind of art has a positive effect on the development of personality.Parents should begin to acquaint children with paints, crayons, modeling from early childhood.Methods of stimulating fine motor beneficial effect on the formation of speech and thought processes.To paint, make plasticine animals, birds, flowers, fruit.If you are involved with a group of preschool children can hold a separate session on the topic of how to draw a sheep.For children will be interested in any creative process.


Catching up with the kids, you should try to do everything as easy and interesting.Kids want to have them all at once turned out beautifully and correctly.Sheep, goat, dog must be real.To help your child, you can buy special allowances, which explains how to draw step by step lamb pencil (or any other animal).The easiest method is to use stencils.They can be purchased ready-made, but more fun to make your own.Drawing every time, even under the instruction, the child will not be able to do exactly the same two pictures.If a kid wants to create the image is not the same, for example, sheep, and the whole flock can offer to make a stencil first with an outline of the animal.

Benefits phased drawing

Sometimes adults do not possess the skills of drawing.For example, how to draw animals?For beginners, which at first glance this seems complicated activity, developed instructions explain step by step process of creating the image.The aim is to decompose a complex subject to simple lines.Gradually doing them, you get the desired picture.This allows even a novice to make a realistic image proportional.

The paint

If your child loves animals, he must have already asked how to draw a sheep.The most interesting - is to try to convey the texture of animal fur.When the outline you ready, it's time to start the creative process.You can use any material: all that will prompt fantasy.Combine different techniques: paint, colored pencils, crayons, markers.An interesting effect you get when you spray paint brush comb through.Lamb is a soft, airy texture due to small droplets of colored paper.To paint did not get beyond the desired contour on the list will have to put the second pattern, which is carved the image of the original object.

Another option - to create the texture of wool, primakivaya to image a piece of cotton that has been soaked in a suitable paint.Such creative activity will be useful and interesting to your child.

Where can I use the image of a lamb

If you ever played with a child in the "farm" or considered together pictures with pets, baby, likely interested in how to draw a sheep, a cow, a goat yourself.You can offer an interesting exercise: to create their own toy farmyard.Let the child will portray beloved animals on heavy paper or cardboard.You carve them and use for the game.You can make them even strengthen bilateral and on a special basis, so they can be in an upright position.Then all the animals will be rearranged, for example, on the plane of the table.

In addition, a sheep is a symbol of the coming 2015.Encourage your child to make gifts for the relatives.You can make a postcard with a picture of a lamb, two-sided figures to decorate the windows, the table, the door opening.This creative process is interesting, and the kids and adults.


now proceed to the very lesson.Below we propose two sketch funny sheep.Everyone is quite simple.

how to draw step by step lamb pencil

This is the easiest option.The basis images are geometric shapes that can be done on a cliche.The sequence works as follows:

1. make a circle for faces, plan features, add the ears and oval, which turns into a stylized chelochkoy.

2. Compasses stencil or draw a circle on the body, it describes the delicate circuit simulating curly hair.

3. Get out of the auxiliary line, make simplified front nogi.4.Detaliziruete ears and eyes, dorisovyvat rear nogi.5.You paint a picture in any way.

How to draw a sheep farm for fun

In the second example we do a side view of the animal.It also uses a simplified form based on geometric shapes.Stages of these:

1. make two ovals, defining the size of the body and the lower part of the sheep faces.

2. Using the auxiliary line, adding part of the contour of the head to the left.

3. Same designate symmetrically on the right, take away the excess of the oval.

4. draws undulating contours of the back, simulating rough surface coat.

5. Erase unnecessary lines eraser.

6. depicts a stylized bangs on the head.

7. Carry out the contours of your ears.

8. outlines the features of faces, draw the front legs.

9. You add hind legs and tail.

10. denotes the hoof.

11. Coloring in any way.

In both examples are obtained gay heroes who exactly will delight baby.

Now you have learned how to draw step by step lamb.It is much easier than it seems at first glance.In addition, creative activity will have fun at home with children.