Continental Blockade

continental blockade - a measure of restriction or prohibition on the importation of certain goods.

Since the beginning of the 19th century began a major transformation in the economic sector in many European countries.International processes that began to develop from now on, have played a role in the conflict, which ultimately resulted in the First World War.

particular impact on the lives of European countries at the time exerted intense opposition of France and England, both in economic and in the military-political sphere.

successes of the French army in the 1805-06 biennium.(of Jena and Austerlitz) on one side and the historic battle of Trafalgar in the autumn of 1805, on the other formed a peculiar situation.Confirming the status of "the Lady of the Seas", Britain has become an obstacle for the French invasion of the British Isles.At the same time Napoleon's victory in the battles of England was deprived of its main allies in Europe - Prussia, Austria and Russia - and, as a consequence, the possibility to conduct the struggle.

the second half of the 18th century the main external trade partner of Russia is the United Kingdom.During the revolutionary conflict, and subsequently - Napoleonic France, these two powers (Russia and England) were a kind of "natural allies."Armed with the power of Russia supports the actions of the British fleet and subsidies.But in the course of events of the war between the allied countries, contradictions began to emerge as a political and economic nature.

France sought to dominate in Europe.However, the methods by which this could be achieved were radically different from the measures employed previously relatively England.

main objective of the Napoleonic policy at the time was the desire to attack the UK economy.Thus it was made the continental blockade of England.This measure prohibited goods arrival from the UK to other countries.However, the continental blockade could be effective only in a coherent presentation of major European powers.

It should be noted that the UK by the middle of the 19th century was several times better developed economically than most countries.But its economic supremacy has not contributed to the development of military and political dominance in the world.Britain had only a powerful navy and ground forces were not well developed.In addition, according to historians, Britain and did not seek to dominate then.

France also, having tried for almost ten years, various ways of conquering the UK, attempts to direct occupation of space in Europe.

continental blockade is very clearly reflected the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčNapoleon.French rulers sought as quickly as possible to close Europe from the British Isles advanced industry, inhibit the development of the UK economy.

In the 1810-12 biennium.England began a severe economic crisis.Significantly reduce exports, greatly aggravated the situation in the country.From 1811 to 1813 the enormity of acquired Luddite movement, whose main objective was to destroy the foundations of the power of England - looms.

In 1812, America is entering into an alliance with France against Britain.

However, until the final victory over England, Napoleon had to conquer the entire continent of Europe.That is why the French army was non-stop, winning the country's on its way.

should be noted that the continental blockade was destroying not only the economy of the UK.He suffered the whole of Europe, including France.Established by Napoleon tariffs between European countries displeased.Thus, France has acquired new enemies.

were of great importance in this situation, actions by the Russian government.Alexander I first violated the conditions of the blockade, then banned the import of luxury goods from France.Napoleon, meanwhile, is taking the campaign to the East, suggesting force Russia to take part in the continental blockade.However, this ended his campaign a complete collapse of the French Empire.