The emergence of Christianity in Kievan state

In ancient Rus Christianity arose long before received the status of an official religion.However, while it was spread too weak, and certainly could not compete with paganism.

At the same idolatrous religion and perceived influence of other faiths.

Background of Christianity began to emerge during the development of trade with Greece.The new doctrine Slavs passed Varangian retainers and merchants, who went often to Constantinople.

A lot of Christians were in the squad Russian Prince Igor, his wife, Saint Olga, was also a Christian.Gradually began to spread the new doctrine.Thus, the emergence of Christianity in Russia is closely linked with the first Varangian princes.

Paganism was considered very non-progressive form of religion in a feudal Russian State.In this regard, Vladimir (Russian Prince) has taken measures to ensure a correspondence between the political system and religion of the country.Thus, it was reformed paganism.

However, such changes were not enough in a feudal state, which required the approval of a monotheistic religion, which would be linked to the power of the Grand Duke.

While at the Kiev State knew of three religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity.In these circumstances, it was necessary to choose Vladimir religion.Closest certainly was Christianity.But the difficulty was choosing a direction.There eastern and western Christianity.This question Prince Vladimir decided in a fairly sensible and diplomatic influence from Constantinople and from Rome.

In all respects it was more profitable to cooperate with Constantinople (Byzantium).This was due largely to the long-established political and economic relations.It is known that the interaction of Kiev and the Byzantine Empire lasted for centuries, while the link with Rome was quite weak.Thus, the emergence of Christianity as the official religion associated with Byzantine influence.

However, it should be noted that not just the entire population of the Kievan state became Orthodox.While the emergence of Christianity was associated with some violence against the population.As a result, the state emerged several conflicting and diverse religions.All these currents prevented the formal process of Christianization of the local population in many areas of the country.Thus, the emergence of Christianity accelerated elimination of paganism as a religion.On the contrary, idolatry existed for several centuries.

Since giving Christianity as the official religion of the church began to introduce measures to strengthen and develop the institutional system.

head of the Church was Metropolitan of Kiev.Keeping church affairs in major cities engaged bishops.They controlled large areas - the dioceses.At first there were five of these regions, and then they became the order of fifteen.

emergence of Christianity in Kievan state without provoking political subordination of Constantinople.I did not have the full power of Byzantium and in the religious sphere.However, until the 13th century bishops and metropolitans were usually Greeks.But they are completely dependent on the prince of Kiev.In addition, each prince within their possessions sought to ensure that it has in the capital had its own bishop.

At first, the church was on the prince's content.Subsequently, in connection with the expansion of the organizational structure, and there were other sources of income.

Developing and relying on material things, the church received a great influence not only on the life of the population, but also on the political and economic life of the country.