Babel - idiom that we repeatedly hear and mentions.In order to do it properly, you must understand what it means.Referring to this history.

In the book "Genesis", chapter XI «Old Testament," says that all the people living on earth, spoke the same language and understood each other perfectly.It was not until as long as the event has not occurred, to completely change their lives.

Nimrod king Khamitov, founded a strong state in the land of Shinar, and determined to become king over all the people, but for the sins of their ancestor Ham, all his people (Hamitic) had to be in the service of (slavery) in other nations.Nimrod forgot about this punishment and decided to build the city of Babel and a tower whose top may reach unto heaven; to get closer to God.

when the construction of the tower, or in other words, pillars, from all corners of the earth gathered builders.Work in full swing in full swing, people quickly and amicably built several tiers of the tower, but the Almighty intervened and punished

those who disobeyed.He mixed together all languages, and people no longer understand each other.

If someone needed bricks, he carried the sand if needed clay, bringing water.People shouted, demanded to prove something to each other, but no one knew.A real Tower of Babel, which ended with the fact that all abandoned their work and dispersed to their homes.

still traces of the tower of Babel, which undoubtedly is a unique structure.Babel is firmly established in the history of mankind as an example of pride of people and their desire to be great against the will of God.

Many artists, writers and musicians have dedicated their works to this biblical event.Dutch painter of the Renaissance Pieter Brueghel the Younger, writer Franz Kafka, Andrei Platonov and composer Anton Rubinstein in his works showed Babel as they understood it.

For millennia, people interested in the fact of this event, which found its confirmation in the research of scientists and archaeologists.All the world's religions there are myths and legends, which, anyway, tell us about this event, as the Tower of Babel.

We, the present generation, too, must learn a lesson from this biblical legends.We need to think about the fact that you should never give in to the temptation so great as pride.After all, as we ascended a high or at any time could end.Babel, the value of which we understand as a disorder, turmoil, chaos, is used in this sense for centuries.This phrase is often found not only in classical literature, but also in the works of contemporary authors.

Babel - idiom, which is now less on the ear than the name of the Biblical city of Babylon.Listening to music and watching movies, we'll often hear the word of Babylon, which corresponds to the Russian name of Babylon, meaning uproar, confusion and bustle.Most people use the expression "Babel," whose values ​​do not even know.

Before you use unfamiliar words and phrases, try to find their meaning, and then you will be able to easily operate the phraseology, which are not so common in everyday conversation.With such knowledge, you will never get trapped.You can safely say he saw a large crowd of people trying to prove something by a scream that this is the most genuine Babel.This way you will be able to emphasize its competence and intelligence.