herbaceous plant that grows in one place for several years and reaches one meter in height, has a sprawling leaves and branching at the top - this is comfrey.Its use as a drug in traditional medicine is widespread.This plant can significantly affect human health, and put on his feet, even terminally ill.From it is prepared tinctures, teas, ointments and other drugs.

larkspur, comfrey - is the main title of grass.It grows in damp places, edges of woods, near the ditches, in bushes, on damp meadows.The plant can be found in the Caucasus, the Carpathians, Central Asia, western Siberia and eastern Kazakhstan.Comfrey blooms throughout the summer, the flowers had a purple or violet.The whole trunk, leaves and inflorescences covered with bristly white hairs.The curative effect of the roots and leaves, the second harvest at any time, but only the rhizomes are dug in late autumn

Astringent, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, enveloping, antimicrobial - these are the basic properties, which has comfrey.Its use is very wide.The plant has a soothing and healing effect on the skin.It stops internal bleeding, improves appetite, cure diarrhea and colitis, increases the tone of the healing comfrey.

The use of its leaves very different: you can just put them to the wounds, and you can cook them ointments, herbal teas and tinctures, which are very effective at healing old wounds, the bone has healed.They contain a substance such as allantoin, a beneficial effect on the speedy healing of bone fractures in the complex.The leaves are finely cut and applied to the sore spot, of course, if you do not put in plaster.

comfrey root and found their application.They are converted into powder and prepared the ointment, the basis for which can serve domestic pork fat.This medicine homemade treats osteoarthritis, gout, osteochondrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, polyarthritis.One part of the roots have four parts of lard, ointment stored in the refrigerator.She should be a good bedtime lubricate sore spots, and then they wrap up warm cloth, then it will be better to act comfrey.

Application tincture plant has anti-inflammatory effect on the internal organs.For its preparation you need two teaspoons of the roots pour 300 ml of warm boiled water, to insist all this for 8 hours.The day you should drink 0.5 liters.People with diseased joints is recommended to take a bath and do compresses with comfrey.Per liter of water was added 100 g of roots and boiled for 10 minutes.Drug filtered and poured into a water bath, you can also make compresses from it, imposing on the sick parts of the body.

important to remember that even though this plant and the drug, but it is very poisonous comfrey.Grass contains tsinoglossin, konsolidin and alkaloids, which are accumulating in the body in large doses, can affect the central nervous system, cause its paralysis.Use decoctions inside may adversely affect the liver, for external use also need to be careful.Even comfrey is contraindicated in pregnancy.