How to learn to twist the hoop

Trying to improve the shape of their bodies, many women quite rightly turn to hula Huppah, or hoop.Hoop - a simulator for the body, one of the most effective.With the help of this wonderful object, you can significantly improve the waist, to drive away the tummy, buttocks pump and strengthen leg muscles.But to achieve the desired goal, it is necessary to know how to use a hula-hoop.

How to learn to twist wrap: general recommendations

agree that young children the issue is likely to cause a smile: what is there to be able to, take the hoop and rotate it.But we're adults, and, using hoops to the waist, thighs or buttocks, it is important to know how to do the exercises for a particular muscle group.

First you need to think about where the training will take place.Study with a hoop should be spacious, to you no one interfered.

then is to acquire equipment: there are so many models (plastic, metal, with weighting, massage hoops with nozzles, folding models, etc.), even the most demanding shopper will be able to choose for themselves the appropriate option.

How to learn to twist wrap: contraindications

There is a group of people who should be looking for alternative ways of correction.This group includes:

- pregnant women and young mothers, since if delivery has not yet passed two months;

- women during menstruation;

- women with diseases of the back and abdominal organs;

- women with gynecological diseases;

- elderly ladies.

How to learn to twist wrap: tips

To achieve the desired effect you have to train every day.The first classes should not be less than ten minutes, gradually during training should increase.Forty-minute workout with a hoop and more - a good workout for the body.

Turn the hula hoop around the waist, hips or buttocks is better to keep your hands behind your head, clasped them in the castle.

to burden falls on the muscles of the waist and legs should be as narrow as possible.

spinning hoop is clockwise.

Classes can not be performed after a meal immediately before exercise can do a small set of breathing exercises.

Ideally wrap should not move from the waist to mid-thigh, but from the chest to the knees and back, to massage the problem area.However, this can be achieved through a variety of workouts.

Heavy hoops should not use for longer than 20 minutes.

order to achieve quick results in conjunction with the training stick to a balanced diet.

How to learn to twist the hoop Popular exercises

· «Rotation".Feet shoulder width apart, back is straight.Within 15-30 minutes, turn hula hoop at a moderate pace.Movement should be smooth.

· «Rotation in poluprisyade."This is an option for experienced "athletes."From the position of the feet shoulder-width start to rotate the hoop slowly sat down as low as possible.It is important to keep the balance and, of course, control the movement of hula-hoop.Proper execution of this exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles, tightens the muscles of the buttocks and thighs.Maximum execution time - 10 minutes.

· «Rotation in motion."Rotating the hoop, walk around the room, slowly at first, the master, the rate of increase.

· Lie on your back, put a hula hoop on the legs and lift them about thirty centimeters from the floor.Keep your legs in this position as long as possible.

· «Spin and marching."By performing rotational movements, marching, lifting knees as high as possible.

· «Spin with slopes."Rotating hoop tilt the body alternately left and right.

Many magazines offer the hoop rotate alternately clockwise motion in the opposite direction.But most experts agree: to prevent damage to the spine, the rotational movement must be carried out only clockwise.