The longest tongue in the world, men against women

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Every living creature on the planet individually.This applies to both humans and animals.Homo sapiens have more opportunities to stand out from the crowd.One easy and hassle hammer nails hand, the other can eat burgers a hundred at a time, and the third is proud that his great big ears or the longest tongue in the world.For people who wish to prove and show the world their uniqueness, there are so many shows and competitions.That only is the Guinness Book of Records!This annual meeting is a collection of mind-blowing human achievement, science, technology and nature.

Language Film to bring

Sometimes your characteristic individual features can be a ticket to the world of show business.For example, what happened with Nick Afanasiev.Its highlight - almost the longest tongue in the world.One day a young American of Russian origin residing in the hot Philadelphia, decided to share with the world their "wealth".Nick Afanasiev's tongue length is 9 cm without one millimeter.

So, the young man took a small video and posted it on YouTube.In this video the main "character" is language.What did the monkey does not get up!Nick easily scratching his chin, picks his nose, no problem licking elbow and ... tickles his eye.And the last, by the way, seem to be as up to that point was not possible.But the resourceful Americans proved that you can never underestimate their capabilities."Yazykatoe" videos in a short time looked huge number of people.Among them were the producers of the channel Nickelodeon.Completely uninhibited young people, and especially its language, made on television employees a great impression, and they offered him a role in the TV series iCarly.

British champion

But in the famous Guinness Book of annual Nick Afanasiev missed.In the category "the longest tongue in the world" award was given to a resident of Albion Steven Taylor.At the time of fixation of the first record of the length of his tongue was almost 98 mm.After a while it was decided to re-test, and what was the surprise of the judges, when they saw that the said body of Stephen grew by five millimeters!As Taylor himself was joking, this metamorphosis could occur because of its continued involvement in various television shows and programs.There is in such glory and its positive, albeit slightly embarrassing moment: not everyone, even famous man offering to kiss the actress Brigitte Nielson (wife of Sylvester Stallone).But Stephen was awarded this honor.The woman was terribly interesting, what it is - to kiss the owner of such a language.

Women charming feature

noteworthy that Steven Taylor to the owner of the title "The longest tongue in the world" was a Ukrainian villager.The length of this part of his body was 10.1 cm. However, not only men can boast of having such a feature.Among the representatives of the weak and the beautiful half of humanity, there are also ladies who flaunt a long tongue.For example, American Taper Chanel.This black beauty resides in California.At first glance, in a nice risible girl is not unusual.However, it is hidden behind a smile the longest tongue.Photo of girl, where she licks ice cream, went around the globe.A huge number of jokes and jokes in the address Chanel spilled.However, she is proud of the feature length is 97.5 mm.

Brothers our smaller

course, language - is that part of the body, which is also in animals.Who said that the longest tongue - a man?Cute Pekinese Puggy proves the opposite.The length of his tongue is 11.43 mm.Thanks to this miniature dog shone on the pages of the annual collection of world records, which is the Guinness Book of Records.