The Queen of Sheba: puzzle for archaeologists and scholars

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Name fascinating and mysterious Queen of Sheba is mentioned in a large number of written sources: the Old Testament, the Kabala, the Koran, as well as in many Ethiopian, Persian and Turkish legends.But to date scientific evidence, whether such a queen lived in the days of Solomon, hardly found.There remain doubts about the Queen of Sheba was a reality or is it still a myth.

image associated with this wome seductive beauty, which according to legend, came to King Solomon to test his wisdom.For a long time everything associated with her name, it was just guesswork.And only recently, archaeologists in the remote areas of Yemen, discovered one of the most significant finds of this time.In the desert, the Rub al-Khali at a depth of nine meters underground were discovered the ruins of the temple, which, according to experts, found documentary evidence of the actual existence of the queen.

According to legend, Solomon and Sheba first met when the wise king, having heard about the rich Sabaean kingdom, which rules the cleverest and most beautiful woman.He invited her to visit.He wanted to see for myself in its splendor and wit.Beauty queen and mind subdued Solomon.He was so impressed by it that he came to the conclusion that the only contact with the devil might let it be so stunning.Solomon even decided that instead of legs she had to be the foot, like the devil himself.

Old Testament mentions to Sheba, in which the queen of Sheba lived ,.He describes it as a land rich in spices, spices, precious stones and gold.Scientists believe that the country was on the territory of South Arabia.However, the evidence that this territory ever rule the Queen of Sheba, no.

American archaeologist Wendell Phillips believes that there is no doubt about the reality of the existence of this legendary woman.However, his expedition, which he began in Marib to find evidence of his hypothesis, prevented the Yemeni authorities.

main source of information about the legendary queen - this is the third book of Kings, in the tenth chapter, which contains the biblical episode of the description of the events that mention her name.

Another reputable scientist - Sir Ernest A. Wallis Budge - is also confident that the Queen of Sheba is not just a myth.According to his version of Sheba was on the shores of the Red Sea, allowing her to identify with Ethiopia.According to another group of researchers, she was the queen of Egypt.

Oriental Beauty came to Jerusalem to meet in Solomon, bringing with him a caravan of gifts.She cooked for the king of the most complex issues, and was conquered by his wisdom.

source text can be interpreted in different ways.All of them were made at different times, it contained many facts rewritten several times from different books, so the question of confidence in the data, in which data is quite controversial.

Most researchers agree that most likely, the Queen of Sheba ruled the land of Axum, which was located in the Red Sea (territory or Yemen or Ethiopia).The capital of the state was Savskogo Marib - the city in the Arabian desert.It is believed that the reign of Queen East accounted for 10 century BC.

In May 1999, the Nigerian and British archeologists have discovered the alleged burial place of the royal person.Embankments it reached 45 feet high and 100 miles long.But so far it is not known whether there was buried the Queen of Sheba.

Today mystery about it and remains unsolved.It is possible that the story of Solomon dating with a beautiful woman was unfinished after so many centuries after the death of the sage, to emphasize his royal greatness.You can also assume that the image of Sheba, for that matter, and Tomiris (queen Saks), became a collective in which embodied the traits of a wise woman-ruler.But perhaps the real name of this woman, whose real name is so up to us and did not make it.Who knows?