How to bend the drywall ceiling.

What is drywall?This layer of plaster, which by means of special equipment was sandwiched between two sheets of cardboard.The cost of gypsum plasterboard is very low in comparison with other materials for finishing works and composition - environmentally friendly.All this makes the choice of such material is very attractive.

Drywall is used for decorating indoors.Basically if it can be used to carry out finishing the ceiling or walls, creating the necessary multi-level structure.

There are two basic types of drywall:

- waterproof, commonly used in the bathroom, toilet or kitchen;

- normal used to create designs in the rooms with a small humidity (living room, bedroom, corridor), as well as in offices.

How bend drywall?This issue is of concern to many newcomers.It is not very difficult, you only try once.It should be noted with a ruler on the line where you want to bend the drywall, cut on one side cardboard stationery knife, on the other hand to hit this place, which lead to the fold.Fold will be held on the second sheet of cardboard.This process helps to create designs without breaking the integrity of the sheets.

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Hanging drywall - a material for ceiling assembly.Naturally, it is not "hanging" in the air.It is secured by the carcass - with wooden beams or metal profiles, which is pre-fixed to the ceiling with dowels.

With this method you can create a structure with several levels.This creates a rather complex pattern that is illuminated by illumination of the LEDs.The benefits of that installation - uncomplicated matter can master it even a novice.

Another important factor in favor of the installation of such structures - is to increase insulation.And emphasizes the interior design of the room.

Among other things, using a suspended plasterboard can align the ceiling, which is quite simplifies this task by making it less costly.

Plasterboard is a different thickness - 9.5 mm and 12 mm, and they bent the same way, so knowing how to bend 9 mm plasterboard, you can bend and dvenadtsatimillimetrovy.

width of standard drywall sheets - 1.2 meters, but the length can be different - 2 or 4 meters.

How bend drywall ceiling in the assembly?Naturally, it is not necessary to do so after you have attached a sheet of drywall on the ceiling.First, you need to carry out all measurements, mark the fold line and fold the sheet of drywall, and then perform the binding.Of course, you need some help, because at the same time to hold and fix plasterboard unrealistic.


First of all, before you bend the drywall and proceed to the assembly of any structures necessary to determine the size of the object.It is necessary to calculate how many sheets you may need to avoid leaving work unfinished due to lack of material.And once the sheet can always be used for additional construction.

Many beginners do not account for such a time as the presence in the lighting design, or extra items.Provided that the construction will be covered, it is required to take into account the extra distance required for posting.Therefore, the distance to the wall or ceiling must be at least 5-10 cm.

When aligning the curvature of the walls or ceiling, you must first find the corner and had underestimated him conduct size, the only way you will be able to achieve complete correction of the defect walls and ceilings.

For the markup is recommended to use gidrourovnya, it is better to use water as a laser produces a small error.