How to choose the hob?

How to choose the hob?In connection with the increase in the number of household appliances on the market, along with the usual equipment of our eyes, all the more common built-in kitchen appliances.Assortment it wide enough, and this includes cooktops and ovens, a dishwasher and other appliances.

hob - a flat surface with mounted electric or gas burners.This hob cuts like a kitchen sink in the countertop with one condition, at a distance of no more than 15 cm from the wall surfaces with gas burner, and at least 5 cm for products with an electric heater.How to choose the hob?

Depending on the type of energy source such surfaces are divided into electric, gas and combined.Gas hobs - are devices which employ burners on gas.Electric panel - this panel, in which serves as an energy source of electricity, which heats the surface of the cast iron or ceramic.

combined represent a combination of electrical energy and gas for heating.The ratio of energy (gas and electricity), depending on the models are different, usually equally.Such devices have the advantage that if there is no gas main and use interchangeable gas cylinders can cook the food using electric burners, if for some reason there is no gas.

How to choose the hob?What to look for?Of course, the appearance.For a variety of embodiments of the kitchen equipment will complement any kitchen interior conceived.According to the materials from which made the surface of the hob there is a division into four groups.First, all known enamel.It has long been used in the kitchen and deserved due respect to consumers.The color of the enamel also are different, most are white, black or brown, but you can find if you search, hob exotic flowers.Secondly, the surface of stainless steel, which is one of the most popular both custom properties and appearance.Stainless steel is present in almost every kitchen, it will be perfectly combined with the kitchen sink and other devices.Also, there are cooktops aluminum.And the last - glass and ceramics.It is quite recently used in the manufacture of hobs, but has already established itself, thanks to the excellent appearance and performance advantages.The color of these panels also can be different, there are black, white and other.

How to choose the hob?It should be noted that it is not so simple as it seems, with the purchase of the hob.Besides the aforementioned differences, they are divided into independent and dependent.

This means that if the hob is dependent, then there are devices using the oven or vice versa.In this case it is necessary to approach the purchase of such equipment comprehensively.And that means you need to choose the panel and the cabinet at the same time, related models, each one firmy.U manufacturer compatibility of the equipment there.

If you want to buy kitchen equipment from different manufacturers, or wish to place the hob and the oven at a distance, then you need to buy an independent panel.Independent cooktop is equipped with a control panel, which is solely responsible for its operation.Depending on the model and manufacturer, managing a hob can be as usual, using the corresponding knobs and a touch screen.

In any case, select and purchase only to you, while select only the best cooktops known manufacturers Electrolux, Gorenje, Bosch and others, it will provide reliability and continuous operation.