How and why you need to adjust the idle speed of the engine

The operation of each car there are moments in which the engine does not receive any load other than the frictional forces, but they are right there in it and, therefore, are part of it.Exposure, due these forces, various lubricants, but they still remain.

This engine operation called "idling".At this time, the gearbox is enabled to engage with the input shaft, so rotation of the crankshaft is not transmitted to the wheels.But do not think that the car must be that the unit is working under the hood at idle.Many drivers use the so-called run-up to save fuel.For example, before turning left hundreds of meters, and the speed is high, then you can include neutral and "roll" out of inertia.On the one hand - this economy, on the other - could not be accelerated to such a speed as is possible, it took more gasoline or other fuel, which uses a motor vehicle.

Idle plays an important role in the operation, because in this mode, the engine "live" much of the time.This means that before budge, we include the

transfer, it takes some time.For one switch is small, but if you count all the gear change in a day, week, month, year ... the figures are quite impressive.

In fact, idling engine can tell about his condition.First of all, if the floating idle, it means that any system is not working properly, not as it should.For example, you should consider adjusting the carburetor or check the electronic control unit.In addition, there may be problems with the ignition, which is quite easy to check.In this case, you just need to ensure proper installation of the moment of ignition and normal clearance.If all goes well, we can go further.Idling can be broken due to a malfunction of the fuel pump, especially high blood pressure.In this case, it is injected, but not enough, resulting in unstable operation intermittently.You should also check the tightness of the entire fuel system, since the entry of air into it is fraught with the same consequences.

In addition, the engine has to work "without help", idling in a warm engine may not exceed 900-1000 rpm, which is the average, some engines it below.If idling there, but he begins to "float" with a decrease to this provision, it is worth thinking about the state of piston.Above all, the piston rings.They wear, usually accompanied by increased fuel consumption, as well as the serious drop in power at low revs.Additionally, piston ring wear equally, and thus together with compression and oil scraper wear, resulting in increased oil consumption.This can be seen, if you periodically check the engine oil level.

reason for such verification should be a blue smoke from the exhaust pipe, which is simply impossible not to notice.In conclusion, it should be said that the idle speed - this is a serious work that must be maintained in good condition, as well as other vehicle systems.