Calculation of penalties

Penalty - a form of punishment, which is determined according to the established criteria for delay in the performance of their payment obligations of a legal or natural person.The calculation of interest is made quite simple, you'll be able to do this and in this article we try to simplify your task.

times when doing business, and household too, we can tighten to pay any fees.This occurs for various reasons, for example, you are too much to spend this month, and absolutely no money left to pay taxes, utility payments, and so on.Sometimes people just forget about the banal term performance of payment receipt or lose with the necessary payment details.In such cases, we have to sit at your computer yourself and start to make an exact calculation of fines.

Naturally, organizations that have debtors, care about their well-being, and in the contracts prescribed, that in case of late counterparty performed its financial obligations, it will be obliged to make certain additional payments on account of repayment of possible damage.Simply put, the interest payment will be made, which is subject to obligatory payment.Indeed, because if the payments come out of time, it turns out that those who have debts inappropriate use of borrowed money.And inflation over time "eats" the value of money.

Of course, there are some rules for product charging penalties, for example, it should not exceed the cost of the contract, payments are overdue.

In general, the calculation of interest should be made as follows:

SP = NW * cd * 1/300 * SR

decipher the components of this formula:

joint venture - the amount of fines;

NW - the amount owed under the contract;

Kd - the number of days past due;

300 - the average number of working days per year;

CP - operating in the country's refinancing rate.

In general, the above formula, for those moments when, for example, is calculated penalties for late payment.There is nothing complicated, just take your contract, find the item in it, which describes its sum.After finding the point at which the prescribed period of performance of your financial obligations.Then he calculated how much you owe your lender.After determining this amount, multiply it by the number of overdue days, refinancing, and then share all for 300 days.As a result, you get the amount of its fine to be paid.

For some readers there is a fair question: why it is necessary to multiply even in the refinancing rate?Just this figure, determined by the Central Bank, reflects the current inflation in the country, moreover, it is calculated based on all loans.And as the debt, that in the event of late payment of obligations may be conditionally admit the credit, it is quite fair to charge a certain percentage, taking into account the inflationary trends in the country.

If you owe the government, it also will pay a penalty.The calculation of interest on taxes recommended to produce in accordance with the letter from the Ministry of Finance March 18, 2008 N 03-02-07 / 1-106, which states that if you have not paid in time a certain amount of tax owed to you, then for each calendar day, you will pay a penalty to the state, which is calculated based on your debt.And she penalty will be calculated on the basis of Article 75 of the Tax Code.

If you are unable to calculate the penalty, you should turn to professionals.However, it is best not to be late with the payment of their debts, then there will have to be considered and penalties that would be a great pity to give, because, as you know, do not take her, and give - native.