What you need to know to answer the question of why the war was called the Patriotic

Today's young people often do not understand why the war was called Patriotic, but still great.And the more it differs from the Second World War?Perhaps it is very different historical events that do not intersect with each other? And what else Patriotic War were on Russian soil?And why are they called?

issue very much.To find an answer, it is necessary to look into the history of Russia.

Patriotic War of 1812

every patriot should know the history of his homeland.To find the answer to the question of why the war was called the Patriotic need to understand the meaning of this word.In another country in which a person was born and lives is called the Fatherland.And the war to protect their country, wear it proud title.

In 1812, Napoleon attacked Russia with the aim to conquer and enslave the Russian people.But he did not succeed.In the history of Russia entered the war as the War of 1812.Naturally, for France it was different.They still do not understand why the war was called Patriotic, because for them it was aggressive.

World War II

In September 1939, the first day, Nazi Germany together with his henchmen - Italy, Japan and some other countries - launched the world on fire, which was attended by 1.7 billion people.It is almost eighty percent of the world's population.And directly in the armies of all drawn into the horror countries it fought almost one hundred ten million people.

In 1941, Hitler attacked the Soviet Union.So in those years it called our homeland.And the Soviet people stood up to defend the Fatherland.

the part of the Nazis it was a war of conquest.The Nazis, led by Hitler did not understand why the war was called Patriotic.Many now argue, arguing that it was an action for the liberation of peoples from the communist terror.But in fact, neither of which the release was not the question.The Nazis were just trying to conduct a new division of the land, to enslave other peoples.

But our people waged liberation struggle, to defend their country and other countries.Now I understand why war 1941-1945 was named World?Although it is worth well to learn that the name of the event depends on whose point of view to consider it.

treacherous attack in 1941 on the Soviet Union

While World War II raged on the ground already, the Soviet people was convinced that Hitler would dare to encroach on our country.All the more so between the Soviet Union and Germany was signed a nonaggression pact.

However, Hitler broke his despicable.In the night from 21 to 22 June celebrated graduation party for all those who finished their studies at school.No one could think that it was at dawn after such a wonderful holiday thunder shots will fall from the sky bombs, will pour the blood.And yet it happened.June 22, 1941 at four o'clock in the morning without warning, Germany made a treacherous attack on the Soviet Union.Just over a vast area, from the Carpathian Mountains to the Baltic Sea and, Nazi troops crossed the border of our country.

Nazis planned to destroy the culture of the vast country and its people turned into slaves who would work for Germany.Invaders bombed towns and villages, railways and ports, airports and railway stations.A great many people, including children, the elderly and women, were killed in the cruelest way: burned alive, buried, shot, torn.

But the people did not want to give up.Even the smallest settlements heroically defended.Many beautiful songs about the exploits of unknown soldiers invented people."In a strange village in the nameless heights" heroes laid down their heads, whose memory will live forever.That is why the call Patriotic War 1941-1945.After all, the Soviet people fought for their homeland.

War is not a game, it is death and pain ...

search for an answer to a question about why the Great Patriotic War called "Patriotic" forces back in those terrible years distant.It does not release came on the Soviet Union, and the terrible monster under the name "fascism", voracious and cruel.For him, nothing was sacred.

Nazis rampaged in the occupied territories as if they themselves were never people.A huge part of the population was taken and imprisoned in concentration camps.There atrocities invaders were particularly sophisticated.The children took a blood transfusion wounded people planted terrible disease and followed them.Even we tried to create a new entity that would be a carrier of the gene and the human animal, using his inhuman experiments prisoners.

not only domestic, but also a great

went to the front, not only the men of military age.Volunteers simply flooded the all items that are involved in the mobilization.We passed and the elderly, very young lad and a girl.There were also honorable elders, and snotty brats.Those are the first once chased home to mamma under the hem."Without this war be damned!" - All was said.

However, after the first two years it became clear: an end to these horrors will come not soon.And I remember everything about old but kids who are so eager to fight at the beginning of the war.Now it became clear that each pair of hands is valuable.We got twelve-year boy to machines near the men and older women.Together they worked eighteen hours a day, producing munitions and military equipment.

So, united against fascism, was able to clear their land from the fascist cholera our homeland.But the Red Army did not stop there.Until the Berlin Soviet tanks arrived, clearing the way for other countries from the fascist yoke.The great thing made our country.A huge number of people rescued, of different nationalities and religion.That's why is called the Great Patriotic War.