Zhiguli Mountains.

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on Earth are so many places that are striking in their beauty and attract the mystery.These include the Zhiguli Mountains.This is one of the most interesting sights not only the country but also the entire planet.Located these mountains near Samara.Great Volga River encircles the array loop.Even with a bird's-eye view seen the beauty of these mountains.

is still a mystery why a flood of the river did not penetrate soft rocks that make up the Zhiguli Mountains, but destroy granite rocks between Samara and Togliatti.

It gave its name to this landmark series of Russian vehicles.

for many thousands of years resulted in the formation of this unique mountain range.Having studied the structure which have Zhiguli Mountains, scientists have been able to fully describe the story of their origin.The oldest rocks are limestone and dolomite.Of these, almost, and folded mountains.

This mountain range due to its shape is called "Zhiguli Gate."Around them formed a unique flora and fauna.Some species are very rare and are found only in this area.This is due to isolation, which has a Zhiguli Reserve.The waters of the Volga almost surround it on all sides.

These mountains are famous also for its unique caves.They appeared in the formation of karst rocks.They attract a large number of not only scientists, but also ordinary people.Archaeologists have discovered in the caves traces of the ancient city.Their findings confirmed the legend that exist in these places.Perhaps the ancient inhabitants of the city built a network of secret passages and mines, which could lead to the coast of the Volga.

reserve covers not only the territory of the peninsula.It consists of two islands and: Shalyga and Seredysh.

height Zhiguli Mountains reaches a peak of 400 meters.Some peaks are presented in the form of rocks or cliffs.The length of the mountain is a few tens of kilometers.

Zhiguli Mountains is undoubtedly the decoration of the reserve.Despite their low height, from the river, they produced an impressive appearance and looks like a real mountain.For more beauty to this natural complex attached to the valley, which is divided into separate parts.Some of them are moving in the rocks, with both rocky shores without vegetation and forested mountain slopes.

Zhigulevsky array remains unchanged already for a long time.Therefore, the tops of some mountains hidden under a cap of vegetation.This determines the presence of unique fauna and flora.

many hills and valleys of the reserve are the names of the people that were assigned to them for certain characteristics.With Zhigulevsk mountains involves a lot of legends and stories.For example, it is believed that the Monastery Mountain, there are many hidden caves, interconnected passages.They still preserved mummies its settlers.In more ancient times, from the depths of the mountain heard a peal of major church feasts, who allegedly heard the boatmen.

this corner of the planet is striking not only for its beauty and uniqueness.He carries many more unknown and mysterious, so causing a rapid interest among scientists and tourists.