Gaius Julius Caesar

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Caesar (Julius, 100-44 BC. E.) Was an outstanding military leader and politician.Popular with the people he began to use thanks to the distribution of bread and pageantry.As a general, he was very cautious and at the same time determined.

Gaius Julius Caesar.Biography

68 he was elected quaestor, three years - aedile, another three - Pretoria.In 61 Gaius Julius Caesar gained state and military glory during several campaigns against the Lusitanian and kallaikov in Further Spain.

most popular politician has reached 59, becoming consul.After the agreement with Gnaeus Pompey and Marcus Crassus, Gaius Julius Caesar has become one of the rulers of Rome.He was assigned to the province of Illyria and two Gaul.

Between 58 to 51 years, Caesar conducted many wars.As a result of the battles they were subject to Rome free Gallic peoples who occupied the territory between the Rhine and the Atlantic coast.In 58 Caesar defeated the Helvetii and the German leader Ariovistus, in 57, he spoke out against the Belgians, in the next year - against Aquitaine and Veneto.In '54, after the march on Britain Gaius Julius Caesar has won several local tribes.

Meanwhile, the Gauls began the war of liberation under the leadership of the leader Vercingetorix.Caesar took about two years to suppress the uprising.Alesia in 52, he surrounded the rebels.The Gauls were not able to break the blockade.In October '52 the leader Vercingetorix surrendered.After that, most of the Gallic peoples laid down their arms voluntarily.Thus, in 51 Caesar finally conquered Gaul.

Meanwhile in Rome the state Senate and strained relations Caesar.The politician refused to give his successor, appointed by the Senate, his province.

in '49 January 10, crossing the river Rubicon, Caesar marched with the army of Rome.Unopposed, easily commander seized Rome and Italy.Political opponents of Caesar fled to Epirus.

In '49, August 2, the commander was defeated at Ilerda the seven legions of Marcus Petreius and Lucius Afranius.

In '48, in January, the commander landed in Epirus.But after the failure at Dyrrachium, Caesar withdrew to Thessaly, where dealt a crushing blow to the army of Pompey, who was able to escape.In pursuit of Gnaeus Pompey, commander arrived in September of '48 to Egypt.There he learned about the death of Pompey, who was killed on the orders of Ptolemy 13 (king of Egypt).This allowed Caesar to intervene in the case of Egypt.The commander took the side of Cleopatra in the "war of Alexandria", which resulted in the queen took the Egyptian throne.

In 47 Caesar made a trip to Asia Minor.August 2 they had won a victory over King Pharnaces 2. By October Caesar landed in Africa.In 46, April 6, he defeated the remnants of Pompeians, won Yubu 1 (Numidian king).

returning with a triple victory (in Numidia, Alexandria and Halle battle) to Rome, Caesar became dictator.He proclaimed a decade.Soon Caesar called the "father of the fatherland", "Emperor."

Magna Gnaeus (son of Pompey) in 46 invaded Spain and took it.However, the Spanish arrived in the territory of Caesar destroyed the opposition in the final Battle of Munda.

After this victory, the dictator began to have an immense honor.His statues erected in the temples, the list of his achievements was put on silver columns with gold letters.He wore a royal robe, sat in a gilded chair.In honor of the Caesar named the month of July.

Rome policies embarked on reforms to strengthen the weakened and cranky continuous battles state.In addition, the dictator was planning a major campaigns against the Dacians and the Parthians.But his plans in life is embodied.

Gaius Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 (15 March), the conspirators, the entrance to his inner circle.