History of Radio

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"Radio" today is a rather familiar and common words.In today's world everyone knows that to convey information "without wires" using radio waves.But some 100 years ago, no one could imagine the sort.The history of the radio, in fact, is very interesting.Until now, historians argue over who is the true inventor of it - Popov or Marconi.

At all times, the engine of the process was a connection.Yet in 1864 the existence of electromagnetic waves theoretically predicted John. Maxwell.Less than 25 years engaged in the creation of such waves Hertz.During a series of experiments, he confirmed Maxwell's theory and continued the work started by his predecessor.The result was a device which was capable of transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves are the same.This receiver was insensitive and worked only at a distance of a couple of meters.This was the beginning of progress, but a real connection needed something else - a perfect, powerful transmitter.Unfortunately, Hertz died of severe blood poisoning, but the history of the radio does not stop there.

Academic world community was interested in the experiments of Hertz.And very soon re-opened the way for a new sensitive receiver.To do this the Englishman and the Frenchman O. Lodge E.Branli.They found that a certain metal powder filled tube reacts well to the wave.When the transmitter slipped the first spark, she took a particular signal and conducts current.But to receive the next signal coherer (tube) had a little shake, returning it thus to its original position.

experimental data became interested in Russian engineer AlexanderPopov, understands perfectly the need for a wireless communication.He began his search for the application in practice, "Hertz waves."It was necessary to set the machine so that the coherer itself "twitching" after each signal being able to take the next right.

Here begins the history of radio Russian developer.Popov found the decision affects its pure simplicity.To connect the tube electric bell.When the signal bell hammer struck the coherer slightly, thus returning it to its original position.From the sound of it was possible to receive the signals without any problems then popular Morse code.Another machine is connected to the pen in order to record the signals of a moving belt.This radio reception and transmission (60 meters) Popov demonstrated in 1895.Thus began the history of public radio.Then he created a device that brings benefit - "storm indicator" that registers lightning on the tape.Over time, the relationship has worked for 250 m. The case was successful, but the final result required a lot of work and time.

At the same time G. Marconi, a young Italian who is actively working on a similar project, but other methods.Incidentally, the scheme of his receivers hardly differs from options Popov.Communication also transmit only over short distances.But the Italian designer was more confident and wanted as quickly as possible to find the application of this system.He appealed to various state bodies, but all refused.It was only in 1897 in the UK, he obtained a patent.The history of radio, created by an Italian, came up to Russia, that Popov responded adequately, considering that Marconi had dared to take the first paved a practical basis and reached in his experiments than results.

After some time, the development of the Italians and Russians, have found their practical application.Apparatus Marconi used the Prince of Wales on the yacht "Osborne".A debut Popov was to save 50 fishermen using its device for wireless communication when it is allowed to correct the order radiogram plight of seafarers.

and Popov and Marconi are actively working to improve wireless communications.It is possible to improve the quality and achieve a larger distance between the receivers.The story does not end with the development of radio, because in time it became more practical and reliable, modify and improve.