What is copyright?

«Copyright» is a legal concept, which is recognized by most countries.The literal translation from English meaning of the word "copyright".It occurs immediately after finishing work on the subject.«Copyright» gives the creator of an original work exclusive rights to it for a limited time (it is everywhere different: an invention lasts 20 years, and on a literary work - 70 years).But to the question: "Copyright - what is it?", The answer is simple - set set by the state and protected by him of the rules and moral norms governing relations between people in the society in the field of intellectual property.These adopted legislative acts could cover not only the public, but also to unpublished original works.

Another meaning of copyright - a sign, which is a letter "C" enclosed in a circle.Its put next to the author's name (or company name) and the year of publication.It is essentially a way to alert, which was established in 1952 by the Geneva Convention (UCC) copyright law.Today the designation is often informative character, and for the false information about the author supplies a number of countries, including the United States, pursuing violators of the law.In Geneva in 1996, representatives from 160 countries signed documents on the establishment of the WIPO - a global organization dedicated to the protection of intellectual property.Thus, the sign © says that the product is protected and can not be reproduced (copied) without permission of the owner.

However, the reader may be wondering not only what copyright is inherently, but his type on the computer.This mark © may be introduced into the text, and paste into the author's signature (created by them unique content) if, hold down Alt, sequentially press the following four digits: 0, 1, 6, 9 (on the numeric keypad).Another way - it is in Word 2007 go to the tab "Insert" button and select the "Symbol".The plate should be opened to find the sign ©, click on it and then on the command "Insert" and "Close".The cursor should be strictly in the place where you want to embed the desired character.

What is copyright?It is usually limited to the use (copying or reproduction) of the original work by those who did not have to create it in any way.Therefore, a unique entity can be referred to in the comments, critical, research and training materials, as well as news reports.But in all these cases it is necessary to make correct reference to the source.Quoting is allowed, but the amount of it is limited to two paragraphs.That is, the original use of the information or the product to be fair to its creators.

However, it should consider the response to the question of what copyright, in conjunction with the theme on which the product covered by the concept of copyright?It concerns the creation and use (publication, performance, display, etc.) works of literature, science, art, databases, software and other creative activities in these areas.The concept of «Copyright», if it is considered in the literal sense, is narrower, implying only permission to copy.That is, it means that only the author could enjoy the fruits of his creation.It turns out that the scope of copyright protection is boundless and, in some cases, comes to the absurd (such as photographing works of architecture is impossible without the permission of the architects who created them, is prohibited drawing cartoons in the book of heroes, printing on the printer pages from the Internet, and so on).

There is a downside, which will help to illuminate what the copyright.Today a lot of talk about protecting the rights of the creator of unique content so that he could enjoy the fruits of their labor.However, «Copyright» is more beneficial to large organizations capable of defending their rights.At the same time, a lot of things because of the monopolization of simple become complex: for example, ordinary network users can get the information only through complex and not always eligible activities associated with downloading software, watching movies, as well as to give the news.Another example involves the overproduction of information because of the ban on copying is repeated rewriting of the same themes.Therefore, the issues of copyright are legally complex, as they do not have time for the development of modern social and cultural situation, and on such terms as the copyright, not all unique.