Marine predators: the tiger shark

tiger shark got its name is no accident.In young animals on the body clearly visible stripes and spots, like tiger skins.But in addition to the characteristic color, this fish has another similarity with the same land predator - an exceptional brutality and ruthlessness.

That tiger shark is the second highest number of fatal attacks on humans.In front of her - only more aggressive great white shark.

inhabit these predators in tropical oceans and seas, and how you can meet them at a great depth, and in shallow water.Tiger sharks have an amazing sight and smell.They are able to detect vibrations at great distances.In short, they have all the qualities for a successful hunt.


Adults can not boast a particularly notable bright color, but because of this they are perfectly camouflaged.Their bodies literally merge with the blue-green water, and only the belly is yellowish-white color.

Tiger Shark basically moves slowly, but only to the discovery of the production.Seeing the potential victim, predator rapidly accelerated with the help of an extremely moving fins and tail.

This fish has a fixed dorsal fin, which serves as her center of gravity.With its help during the hunt shark can make almost instant agile 180-degree turn.

tiger shark has a wider, compared with other species, mouth, which is provided by its unique shape teeth.Each tooth is like a crescent moon with sharp jagged at the edges, allowing a predator literally saw his victim to pieces.

Dimensions adult quite impressive: from 4 to 5 meters and weighs up to 900 kg.


Fish shark very gluttonous and totally illegible in the food.It can feed on plankton, eating crabs, lobsters, clams, fish, squid, sea turtles, and even their smaller counterparts.For example, the case when a tiger shark ate the other shark was hooked fishing vessel, but ate and grabbed a nearby bait, being thus caught herself.

These predators found in the stomachs of not only the remains of birds, crocodiles, sea snakes and dolphins, but also completely inedible items: antlers, cans, leather wallets, beer bottles and more.There are cases when caught in the stomachs of sharks were human remains.Any carrion, and also seem to be the scum of sharks be a good meal.For this they were called sea omnivorous scavengers.

Though tiger predators and are known for their gluttony, they, like other members of the shark, there are periods of fasting.Males stop eating during the courtship of females, as they begin their "post" during pregnancy.


tiger sharks are usually solitary and transient form a pair just for procreation.These fish do not spawn and nurture it in the womb until they hatch and the young are born.

Cruelty sharks evident even during the pairing: the male bites its deadly teeth in the dorsal fin of the female and fertilizes it.Pregnancy lasts for more than a year - during which time the female bears from 20 to 80 eggs.Akulyata born already fully independent and almost immediately leave the mother.Young animals trying to stay away from adult sharks to avoid becoming easy prey for his hungry neighbors.

In the first months of his life young birds learn to hunt small fish swim in the mouth of major rivers and most of the time in the shallow water near the barrier reef.After 3-4 months akulyata already acquired enough experience to retire to the open sea.