How to make a candle in the home?

on the market today to create a catalog of comfort and romantic atmosphere in the house - a huge set.For example, you can find absolutely any candle: decorative, interesting and decorated with the most unusual shape.This candle will bring not only a pleasant environment, it can serve as a decoration of any room.

Nevertheless create much-needed household item you can own hands.Knowing how to make candles at home, anyone who will not only save money, but also get a lot of pleasure from the manufacturing process and the result.This does not necessarily have any special education or take a course in design.

can easily learn how to make candles at home, and so that it can easily compete with the store counterparts.There are many sources.For example, engaging in self-education, viewing TV or reading specialist literature.You can also ask friends and acquaintances who have already practiced in the area and know how to make a candle.At home, create the desired attribute certainly tried many.

Having made once unusual and scented candle, some of this activity turns into a real hobby.Production of candles at home - a simple process, it is the power of everyone.If you have the necessary materials, you can create a unique and original article.It's enough to have:

  • most traditional stores stearic candle wax or a few cinders;

  • capacity, which will melt the wax;

  • wick candles borrowed from the whole or a specially woven out of the ordinary thread;

  • form from which it will be possible to remove the resulting piece of art, or leave a candle in it;

  • to impart a particular color using wax crayons or food coloring;

  • if you wish, you can add a variety of flavors (such as essential oils or orange and mandarin peel).

Crafted own candle can not only be a monochromatic color, it can have several different colored layers combined.Sometimes the original craftsmen of the filler is added to the candle seashells, sea or decorate it with glass stones, fresh flowers or beads and sequins.This candle can be called a work of art.

How to make a candle in the home?Manufacturing technology is very simple:

  • container crumbled cooked in wax and put in a water bath, and the melting mass periodically stir;

  • in melted wax is added flavor and coloring material - shredded wax crayon or food coloring;

  • in the center of the selected shape, the inner walls of which are pre-lubricated with vegetable oil, using any sticks or toothpicks fixed wick and filled with a mixture of melted;

  • filled shape removed in a cool place until complete solidification.

    Candle ready!Now it is possible to admire, placing in the interior of the room, or get a real pleasure, igniting it with a romantic dinner.