7 secrets of beauty for every woman (video)

turns out, many well-known and basic cosmetic products can do wonders and help in many different areas, not only for what ostensibly intended.

So today we will talk about how to make the most of the beauty-products, which buys the majority of women.This will allow you not only improve your appearance, ease the process of self-care and makeup application, but also save a lot of money, usually leaving the purchase of an extra makeup.So, check your makeup - what secrets it hides?

We offer you 7 beauty secrets for every woman :

1. Baby powder (talc).

Did you know that an ordinary inexpensive talc (for example, one of the most famous - Johnson's Baby Powder) can help you make the lashes thicker and longer visually?To create this effect, apply with a cotton swab or clean mascara brush to a very thin layer of talc, over the first layer of mascara.Then cover it all a second layer of mascara.

2. Concealer.

to your luxurious shadows crumbled to the middle of the evening, cover your eyelids with a thin layer of concealer (for example, BareMinerals Correcting Concealer) - before they apply the shadow.

3. Transparent mascara.

Oh, this is a very multi-product!It can be used as a primer (base) - before applying colored mascara as gel eyebrows as gel naughty knocked out of hair and hairstyles, etc.An example of this can become a transparent mascara Maybelline Great Lash Mascara.

4. The so-called "cold" or "ice" cream.

popular now in the West, the product not only softens the skin and protects it from bad weather, but also cleans it perfectly - so this cream can be successfully used for removing makeup.One example could be Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser.

5. Cream Blush.

Well, everything here has long been known - cream blush can replace the lipstick and vice versa.Just take a blush pink and reddish hues, as a peach or coral tones can be problems.An example of such blusher - Stila Covertible Color.

6. Vaseline.

This is a great and cheap remedy for skin care - nail and cuticle, so there is no need to buy expensive special tools.

7. Gray-brown (or dark) eye shadow.

But such shadows (such as Urban Decay Naked3) can replace your eyebrow pencil or contour cream.Do not believe me?Then watch how the pros do it: