Royal antelope - an animal building a nest

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These shrubs antelope smallest of the world.Weighs royal antelope as the hare, only 2-3 kilograms, and the size of her same.Mikroantilopy this height does not exceed 30-35 centimeters.

Despite its toy appearance, royal antelope very assembled, armed with sharp horns and could easily repel even the largest predator.

With Leopard, it certainly can not cope, but jackals happened chased away.

Another feature of these kids - amazing shustrost motion.The recorded movement speed is 42 kilometers per hour.

Of course, at such a pace royal antelope, the name of another - dik-dik, long run can not be, but on short dintantsiyah it first.But still, the main way to avoid a hostile takeover from antelope - not to counterattack and to compete in speed, and benefit from its own miniature.

territory, home to royal antelope are usually riddled with multiple tunnels, pipes, have done it in a thicket of briars.

Hence the name - bush antelope.

These Lazy can fit only dik-dik, but no animals larger.So while in Africa there are thickets of thorny shrubs, antelope invincible.

Generally, dik-dik - animals very respectable age.Found fossils in Africa account for 4-5 million years.

dik-dik monogamous, as a rule, each male has only one spouse, he remains faithful for years.

family occupies a territory of the bush - it is their forage area.

At a meeting with the neighbors on the border, antelope hoarse hiss and boast svomi beautiful horns like show his superiority.But before the conflict, it never comes.

When approaching hyenas and other predators, male family delivers conditioned signals that resemble the whistle.As soon as they heard, female and children hiding in the thickets of the bush or in the catacombs on the site.And hardly the danger has passed, the family reunited again.

dwarf antelope has one unique feature - wherever in the territory it is found, it will go to the toilet in the same place.

In earlier times, dik-dik exterminated gloves, now hunting them is strictly licensed.

biggest royal antelope called Oribi.It can grow to the size of the adult gazelle, but in view nevertheless remains fragile and delicate.

Unlike the dik-dik, oribi prefer to stay more flat area without hills.

weight of these large dwarf antelopes up to 20 kilograms and can reach a body length of one meter.Males differ from females by the presence of beautiful thin horns.Females have no horns.

also large dwarf antelopes differ from the very tiny so that one male crouches several females, and they live together.

oribi They live in savannas and steppes, from the enemies hiding in the tall grass.They eat grass and leaves.Multiply oribi regardless of the weather and time of year.Also, these miniature beautiful animals build their nests out of twigs ground.