Lev Mehlis.

Stalin's entourage consisted of people like General Secretary inferior in intelligence, and in the strong-willed qualities.From time to time, when there was doubt in someone's loyalty, leader of the Party and the people checking her quite brutal methods, such as sending a spouse 'ring pot "in the camp.

Soviet state system was strictly and clearly organized vertical structure, and at the very top of the pyramid sat the supreme ruler, IVStalin, who became during the life of the deity.To challenge his decision could be regarded as people, and to earn his anger often meant signing his own death warrant.Often, but not always.

One of the people Irritating to Stalin, but paid for it with his life, was Lev Z. Mehlis.Biography of him as a politician not impeccable from the Bolshevik point of view.He was not working, underground worker, who fought the tsarist regime, it also can not be named.The clerk, then a tutor, he, unlike many members of the Politburo had no prison time.Membership in the Zionist party can hardly be called an active struggle against the autocracy, "Poale Zion" could hardly claim to be the guiding force of the proletariat in Russia.

Since the beginning of the First World is twenty-five Leo obediently serve in the army, and, rising to the rank of non-commissioned officers, meets the February revolution.Then the October Revolution.What makes this time scorer Mehlis?Biography at least officially is silent about it.Then - the meteoric career.Having joined in 1918 in the RCP (B), it immediately begins Commissioner, first at the brigade level, then - Division.Just two years Zakharovich took Leo to become the leader of the group of political workers troops.

Mehlis Since 1921 - associate of Stalin, the most immediate, it is his assistant secretary.Unencumbered completely superfluous university degrees, it is perfectly versed in the party line, which in the roaring twenties often fluctuates.This ability helps the chief editor of "Truth."

Despite the impressive positions, the image of the head is not much sympathy.Common Party talker, able to talk only in general terms, without going into specifics, there were many, and they are not very Stalin complained.What is he so liked Mehlis?Biography many Soviet officials who had been repressed in the thirties, was heroic, and knowledge - deeply.

answer to this question gave the father of nations.He spoke once that Leo Z. completely unable to create anything, it can only destroy.Obviously, such a narrow specialization affects the quality of its work: if so instructed, then just execute.

Army commissar of the first rank - a position which met in 1941 Mehlis.Biography replenished his bright head, he began to deal with the causes of military catastrophes of the Red Army of the initial period of the war.In its old habit Lev Z. tries to take a favorable position for itself, criticizing the warlords, scribbling on them denunciations not responsible for the result of military operations.During the failed action, 1942 in Crimea, Stalin sends him unusually verbose for him a telegram which criticizes this attitude to the assigned mission.

demoted, removed from the post of chief and deputy defense Glavpura seemingly all over.Why not shot Mehlis?Biography continued, career restored - by 1944 he, Colonel-General.Probably, organizational skills were still evaluated and could be useful in the future ...

about how Lev Z. received a doctorate in economics, history is silent.Doctor of Political Sciences, he apparently became quite deservedly.

merciless struggle against the enemies to undermine the health Leninist-Stalinist faithful.In 1950, he could no longer perform the functions of hangman, and was sent into retirement.February 18, 1953, just twenty days before the great leader, Mehlis finished his earthly journey.His ashes buried in the Kremlin wall.